Cops attack action against mobile phone antenna (Athens, 19/9/2007)

Clashes between cops and citizens during an anti-antennas action.

Source (greek only):

Wednesday afternoon there was a calling from the Exarcheia Citizens Initiative Commitee for a new popular assembly on the crossroads of Kallidromiou and Plapouta Streets. The calling for the public gathering can be found here (greek only):

Police forces circled the citizens' assembly, so they marched in the area, to lead back outside the Wind antenna, where some eggs and yoghurts were thrown to the policemen, who attacked the citizens using globs and tear gas, so they threw stones to the police. No one was arrested.

In previous actions of the Initiative Commitee are included some open-air sabotages to mobile phone antennas, with the support of dozens of citizens preventing the police forces to intervene.

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