Attack against police station during anti-police-state demo (Volos, 29/11/2008)

On November 29, anarchists/antiauthoritarians from Volos were calling with a poster to a demonstration on the occasion of two recent incidents of police violence in their area: On 7/10, a motorist was shot dead in the head, near Almyros town, while the police were after him claiming he carried a gun, which was never found. Then, on 4/11 OPKE (special police unit) harassed two locals and invaded their houses without nothing against them, in Argalasti area. The demo formed a strong 150 persons block with side chains carrying sticks, and moved to Volos Police Headquarters where they attacked with stones, oranges, yoghurts and paints. A police brigade guarding the building tried to dissolve them using a light-bang grenade, injuring one demonstrator, but the demo didn't tear apart and left i a bloc, distributing flyers in the streets. Info in greek and the poster:

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