Clashes during an intervention in Volos (18/10/2007)

source (greek only):

During an event held by the University authorities in Volos, that are responsible for the repression against local Matsaggou Squat, the squatters assembly, the Architecture students' union, and other students and citizens of Volos (around 80 persons in total) tried to intervene in order to express their solidarity to the Matsaggou squat. A part of the Matsaggou building was torn down three days ago, once the university is planning to sell the whole building complex so as to build there a parking lot. The protestors were attacked by special police forces and undercover policemen, and three students were injured, one of them heavily, and was prosecuted. A march was organised spontaneously that lead to the police headquarters, and stayed there until the student was free to go to a hospital. The participants agreed to organise another march Monday at 14:30 at Tholos area.

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