Attack against the municipal police of Ilioupoli (Athens, 22/5/2008)

From the mass-media: "Mess and panic were caused Thursday night, when a group of around 20 persons attacked the city hall of Ilioupoli. The masked-up group suprised the policemen, throwing red paints and broke with stones the glass windows of the city hall. Then, they destroyed with batons, sticks and knifes the personal car of Ilioupoli's mayor and two patrol cars of the municipal police. According to information, the attack of these young people was a form of protest and of support to two detained anarchists. The activists left on foot, towards the central square of Ilioupoli, throwing behind them communiques against the municipal authority. The police forces realised a manhunt to find and arrest any"...

Following is a translation of a communique sent to

We selected to attack on the 22th of May, against the municipal police and the city hall of Ilioupoli, as a signal of solidarity to the detained anarchists M. Tsourapas and Chr. Kontorevithakis, accused for attempting to burn up a car of the municipal police in P. Faliro, and facing a jury on July, 11.

The municipal police is another repressive mechanism in duty bound to keep the normal flow of consumption and hunting the so-called black market and the street-salesmen, safeguarding the profits of luxurius shops, while it constitutes yet one institution of policing in the mitropolis, against everyday petit-delinquent behaviours. The perceptions that contributed to its formation will be always a target for us, and so will be their carriers. This specific attack against the city hall of Ilioupolis is not blind at all, since this municipality through the former municipal counsellor Athanasios Kouretsis invested in the pilot project "The neighborhood's municipal policeman" in the footsteps of the failed police project "The neighborhood's policeman". This ex-cop that participated in Ilioupolis' city counsil wanted simply to contribute in the strenghening of the citizen's sense of security, as his proposal suggests. We will always stand opposed and choose the offensive way against the dogma of "Security, law and order" based on a total system of institutions and perceptions that eternalize the modern reality. Their effort to sharpen repression and control over our dignities and our lives, will now meet with the climax of our attacks.


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