Intervention at "Makedonia" paper offices (Thessaloniki, 3/12/2007)

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According to a report in, at 1 o'clock in the noon, around 100 anarchists gathered outside the offices of the newspaper "Makedonia" in Thessaloniki. They distributed a communique about the arrest of anarchist Vaggelis Botzatzis and the 3 other anarchists that are under investigation but escape arrest. The newspapers "Makedonia" and "Ethnos" as well as some TV news, published photos of the three anarchists. This lead even to a "Makedonia" reporter offering his resignation. The communique was undersigned: Anarchists against journalistic vulgarism.

During the gathering, slogans were spray-painted inside and outside the newspaper's offices, on a newspaper's automobile that even had its tyres flatened, on passing buses and a police car.

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