Series of arson attacks against foreign mission vehicles (Athens, 10/12/2007)

Source (greek only): "Eleftherotipia" newspaper (
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The series of attack were against the state's plans for the making of scapegoats, as well as against the society of modern wage slaves it dreams about, according to a phone call of an unknown person to "Eleftherotipia", damaging four vehicles of foreign missions and embassies.

It all begun 25 minutes before midnight and ended up at 12:40 in the night, targeting diverse areas around Athens.

In Pagrati, a car of a Turkish mission was targeted, damaging also two nearby cars.

In Zografou, a car of the Turkish embassy was set on fire, damaging a nearby car as well.

In Ellinorosson, a car of the Philippines embassy was damaged too, along with a nearby car.

In Patisia district, a car of the Italian embassy was damaged.

"Freedom for Giannis Dimitrakis and Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis" the unknown person mentioned as well as that the "attacks will go on" without mentioning any group's name.

The Turkish embassy announced that it condemns the arson attacks and states that theese attack will not affect the "dialogue and co-operation process" with Greece.

"With these last arsons, the number of cars beloning to employees of the turkish diplomatic missions set on fire has reached 6 in the last one month and a half. We expect from the Greek authorities to track down the arsonists, pay for the damages, and guarantee the security of lives and fortunes of all employees of the embassy working in Greece", stated the embassy.

From "Eleftherotipia" newspaper - 11/12/2007

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