Group claims responsibility for the gas-canister attack in Nicosia (Cyprus, 20/9/2007)

Source (greek only):

A translation of the group's statement:

The strike in EDEK's offices in the morning of 14.09.07 was due to EDEK's role inside the system of repression and prisons. Solidarity to all prisoners. Solidarity to Christina Tonidou.

Group "D.F.K 125"

Notes: EDEK is the social-democrat party of the republic of Cyprus. In it's offices there was also a PASOK (greek party) office, so media related the attack with the upcoming elections in Greece. The damage was about 3.200 cypriot pounds (according to Phileleftheros newspaper). The newspaper now supposes it also has to do with the 8 immigrant prisoners protest a few days ago.

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very good direct action from Greece