Incendiary device outside neonazi organizer's house and claim (Thessaloniki, 13/6/2008)

This is a translation of a claim sent to and also published at

Friday morning, 13/06/2008, at 02:00 in the dawn we set an improvised incendiary device at the house of a member of Chryssi Avgi, Kostopoulos Christos, at Menemeni of Thessaloniki, on Bizaniou street 18. The device was set at the house's yard. This attack comes as a fair response to his participation in the coward and bully attack of 25 March 2006, that ended with the stabbing of 2 teenager antifascist students, that participated in a gathering against student parade marches. This fascists skunk didn't hesitate to come close to a murderous attempt against kids, that, whatsoever, couldn't be part of a political identity that forms the organized and dangerous enemy of the nation or the Chryssi Avgi gang.
Of course, we didn't expect from the police to enlighten, nor from justice to punish this thug. Thankfully, his former comrades keep their mouths widen open, and soon, we hope Kostopoulos Christos will have the chance to stand in patriotic pride up for his crime, towards his social and familiar milieu. Because, if he and his alikes, as well as those that cover, guide, organise and fund them all these years (and soon certain evidence for that will come to light), because if they believe, that they can stab from underage kids to demonstrators and immigrants and we will be staying silent, then, unfortunately for them, they are mislead. We now know the responsibles for many attacks, not only in Thessaloniki, but elsewhere too and we can assure them, that really soon, all those participating in these attacks will be called to bear their responsibilities.
It is clear that we don't forget and we sure don't forgive.
We expect nothing from the mass media and the police. For the time, Lagoudis A. and Doumenikas K. will have to wait for their turn.
The truth will start shining.

Antifascist Cells of Attack - Commando 118

PS. It was obvious that the police would hide the attack

(Translator's note: Chryssi Avgi aka "Golden Dawn" is a neonazi organization funded by and linked to the state's secret agencies)

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