Demonstrators mess up "anti"terrorist convention & attack on immigrants detention camp (Volos, 07/10/2007)

Source (greek only): Athens Indymedia

After a solidarity to the immigrants march, demonstrators invaded a convention held at the Thessalia University, during the criminologist Mairy Bossi's speach.

Mairy Bossi has been the scientific consultant of the ministry of public order, she was as well willing to lead a "study of the social characteristics" of the 529 arrestees of the technical school's occupation in Athens, 1995, and she has also been a witness of accusation at the so-called ELA (people's revolutionary struggle) jury, etc.

Her speach was interrupted and she was forced to leave the room, when people threw coffees and snacks from the buffet at her.

The night before there was also an attack against a future immigrants detention camp. Photoes from this action can be found here:

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