RAGE & CONSCIENCE: an overview of the revolt triggered by a cop's murdering 15 year old Alexandros in Exarchia

This summary of event will be updated every couple of days. Many of the data will have to be corrected, and much more added, so this is just to give a rough idea. Nothing is over yet, the "dialogue" has just started. Most information come from http://athens.indymedia.org/. Alse check out http://www.occupiedlondon.org/blog, http://garizo.blogspot.com/, and of course http://katalipsiasoee.blogspot.com/ (ASOEE occupation), http://katadimadim.blogspot.com/ (Liberated Agios Dimitrios city hall), http://katalipsipolytexneiou.blogspot.com/ (Polytechnic Occupation) and http://exarchia.pblogs.gr/ (Exarchia residents initiative commitee).

Saturday 6/12

Athens: Two cops in a police car driving in Exarchia, central Athens, around 9 pm, had a verbal arguement with a few kids hanging out on Mesollogiou cobbled street. There is a report that a bottle or small stones were thrown to the police car. The police car left but after a few moments stopped, and the two cops went on foot towards the kids. Epaminondas Korkoneas, 37 years old from Kalamata, father of 3, approached the kids swearing that "he will fuck them now" showing his genitals, and shot three times towards them, from a distance of less than 20 meters. One of the kids, a dear young anarchist, Alexandros-Andreas (Alexis) Grigoropoulos, 16 years old dropped dead, with a bullet in his heart. Passerby people called an ambulance to take him to Evaggelismos Hospital, only to pronounce his death. Right after the murder, Korkoneas and his collegue, Vassilis Saraliotis, 31 y.o, walked back to the police car and left. When asked by other cops about the shooting, Korkoneas, described as a local "rambo" pushing his superiors for harder policing tactics, replied he was just tired of being intimitaded in Exarchia, a neighborhood with strong solidarity ties, residents inititiaves and political activity, including often street clashes with the MAT (anti-riot police) belting the area. Mass-media speak of a group of 50 "hooded anarchists" attacking with molotovs a police car, and a cop "shooting warning fire, leading to one fatal injury".

The news about the murder spread immediately mouth-to-mouth and via the internet, and fellow anarchists and locals gathered around Mesologgiou street. Clashes erupted soon among the gathered and MAT and cops with plain clothes, and street blockades with garbage bins on fire where set around Exarchia square and on nearby roads. Dozens of people attacked the MAT with stones and repelled them outside Exarchia. The MAT attacked back with tear gas, people spread all around Exarchia clashing with the police, that belted the area and attacked anarchists arriving there. Anarchists managed to repell the police, took over the nearby polytechnic school and kept the front roads open for the people. Clashes with cops (MAT and plain clothes) on Patission avenue and Stournari street. Two banks on fire on Patission avenue. After midnight, hundred arrive to the occupation of the polytechnic school, while minor clashes with the cops continue outside. Clashes erupt around Law school as well, also under occupation by its students. MAT attack leftists marching in Exarchia. Open assembly in Polytechnic school. Meanwhile MAT belted Evaggelismos Hospital and cops tried to go inside but where repelled by friends and companions of Alexis.

During the night in Athens, clashes move to the high-profile Ermou avenue, where more than 70 luxurious shops, a local alphabank and 2 buildings are either broken down or burnt to the ground, with the help of many people from nearby cafes and bars that heard the news. Some lootings take place. A 7 floor megastore on fire. Many cars turned to barricades. Another bank on Piraeus avenue on fire. Street blockades and clashes around Pantios university. There is a fog because of excessive tear gas use all over the city center. Police repelled from many areas of the city center and pass into defense. Passerbyes prevent the police from attacking demonstrators and some even join the crowds. Hundreds clash with the police around Exarchia. A group attacks with molotovs Leoharous police station, and lots of passerby people that heard the news confront with police on Stadiou street where an Agrotiki bank is set on fire. Cops run away. News travel mouth to mouth to Monastiraki and Psirri, where people gather, and police send MAT brigades. A Geniki bank is set on fire. Clashes and flaming street blockades keep on all night outside Polytechnic and ASOEE occupations, Omonoia, central square of Athens and other streets. Meanwhile, anarchists occupied ASOEE economic university. A group attacks Neos Kosmos police station. A group attacks ND (ruling party) offices at Ano Petralona. A group attacks ND offices at Moschato. Akropoleos police station under attack. Most city lights on Akadimias avenue damaged. Group burns down a bank at Menidi. Clashes don't stop in Exarchia.

Two ministers Pavlopoulos and Hinofotis resigned, but the prime minister didn't accept it. In Athens, leftists organizations call for a demo at Mouseum on Sunday, 13:00.

Anarchists call for angry demonstrations in all cities around 12-1 in the night:

Thessaloniki: Anarchist demonstration attack the police station on Aristotelous square, damaging police cars and motorbikes. On their way back to Kamara square, they destroy every bank on their way, a luxurious hotel facade, an "Athos mountain" religious center, "Malliaris" school-supplies megastore, and many large shops on Egnatias avenue, also the police station of Ano Polis, and the police guard in front of the turkish embassy. Clashes with MAT around the universities and garbage bins on fire around nearby streets. Later on groups burnt down all Metro subway works inside the universities, and some banks around the city center. Open assembly at the polytechnic school of Thessaloniki for information and plans.

Heraklion: A few hundreds gathered in the central square, and during the march broke down the police station, the turist police and the Courthouse. Locals might also remember the murder of a young motorist Iraklis Maragkakis outside Heraklion 5 years ago, when he didn't stop at a police control, cops shot him in the head, leading to attacks against the police headquarters, and prosecutions of local anarchists the next day. Police didn't appear. Later on small groups burn to the ground 4 banks.

Rethymnon: Demo of a few dozens.

Chania: Hundreds march to the police headquarters, and clash with MAT. They leave in a bloc, breaking down banks and ANEK ferries offices, barricading the streets behind them with flaming garbage bins. Also broke down unemployment offices, army officers' club, a politician's office, the central post office, the post office bank, and a pharmacy belonging to the city's right wing mayor. During the night, a group attacks to the mayor and other officials' vehicles outside the city hall.

Patras: Demo of a few hundreds to the police headquarters. Demonstrators destroy police cars, motorbikes and undercover police vehicles. Cops attacked with bang-light grenades and excessive tear gas use. Few people held ath the clashes, while severa banks and a mobile phone agency were smashed down. During the night a group attacked a yard with police and undercover police cars, setting fire to many of them.

Komotini: Spontaneous demo towards the police headquarters by leftists and antiauthoritarians throwing red paints to the building. General student assembly at the local university, shuts it down and occupies the building. Anarchists blockade and squat the university.

Mytilini: Call for a demo at Sapfo square. More than 200 persons march to the police station, clash with cops and break down undercover police cars and motorbikes.

Sparta: Spontaneous anarchist demo to the police station, painting with sprays and slogans all government buildings in the city center, banks and the courthouse.

Alexandroupoli: Four anarchists spontaneously gather outside the police station and had a clash with two cops.

Serres: Spontaneous anarchist demo in front of the police station, doing graffiti and slogans on the walls.

Corfu: Anarchist gathering at the universities.

Ksanthi: More than 70 persons gather spontaneously at the polytechnic school and march to the police station. On their way they meet with a police car that gets his glass windows broken, the cop driving speeds up and passes through the march injuring one person. Bank ATM's and cameras sabotaged.

Ioannina: Anarchist demo of 200 persons attack the police station and break down police cars outside. Cops repelled them with excessive tear gas. Before that, they met with a border police jeep, broke it down and sent the two cops inside to the hospital. Leaving the place, the demonstrators broke the glass windows of many banks.

Larissa: Demo at the city center.

Naxos: Autonomous meeting to organize actions and slogans spray painted across the island, more than 50 locals participate.

Kavala: Groups attack the police station, 6 banks and many surveillance cameras. One policeman is injured during street clashes.

Volos: Spontaneous anarchist demo, where more than 150 persons attacked with stones and sticks to the 1rst police station, police replied with tear gas and attacks and street battles erupted. The demo managed to leave in a solid bloc, breaking bank ATMs.

Agrinio: Spontaneous anarchist demo of 60 persons, marching through the city center, attacking 4 banks with bricks and stones. Cops didn't appear.

Smaller spontaneous demos in many Greek cities and towns.

Sunday 7/12:

Athens: Demonstration of more than 10.000 persons, breaking every bank, car agency, government building on their way. The police attacks with thousands of tear gas canisters, even inside subway stations and closed spaces. Street battles erupt. Many cops running away, some of them leaving their helmets and shields behind them. More than 20 banks wrecked. Ministry of environment and public works severely damaged. A large group attacks with stones Exarchia police station. Few people are held after the march. Clashes around GADA (General police headquarters of Athens) when more than 100 demonstrators tried to set free a kid hit by a police van during the demo and arrested. Dozens held for hours. Cops completely unable to perform arrests because of demonstrators and passerbys repelling them, used lots of flash-bang and light grenades, and a fog of tear gas covered the city center, causing serious problems to residents. Later, a group attacs the offices of Apogevmatini, a right wing newspaper. Groups burn down banks on Korai street. A group of cops with plain clothes is spotted breaking small shops and house entrance windows, anarchists go after them with sticks and stones, but the group joins the police lines. Police attack and take over Exarchia streets. Minor clashes in Exarchia streets, where many residents throw from their balconies flower pots, ashtrays and water against the cops hunting demonstrators, in many cases opening their entrance door to let the demonstrators in, to avoid an arrest or beating by the cops. Night clashes around ASOEE with many immigrants and children from the neighborhood. A group burns down 5 banks at Paleo Faliro with molotovs. Another group burns a bank in Peristeri "to wish to Alexis a last goodbye". Ilioupolis' police station on fire. 7 arrests in total during the day. Dozens held at GADA, by undercover cops. During the night, undercover policemen are all around Athens center. One of the murderer cop's lawyers resigns.

Thessaloniki: Demonstration of more than 1.000 persons, leftists, students and pupils and anarchists and youth at the end, attack with molotovs the Aristotelous Police station, where a cop caughts fire. Then the end of the march attacks with the city hall and the ministry of Macedonia and Thrace. The leftists leave. The rest of the march attack Ano Polis police station with hundreds of stones and head to the universities. Police attacks with excessive tear gas use during the march, and street battles go on for hours around the city center, with the demonstrators building improvised barricades with garbage bins to block police attacks, setting the bins on fire to fight the tear gas effects. Luxurious megastores and many banks set on fire. A MAT brigade invades the university and shoots against demonstrators with rubber bullets. One demonstrator injured had to go to hospital immediately. MAT attack the theatre school occupation, throwing tear gas inside. Minor clashes outside. During the night a group attacks with molotovs against Sykies police station, causing major damages and sendong one cop to the hospital.

Heraklion: Left wing organizations call for a demo at the central square, with more than 600 demonstrators, mostly pupils, and a strong anarchist block at the end. During the march more than 10 banks were broken down, while police followed in distance. At the end of the march, a large part of it decided to clash with the cops, built barricades on the central square and attacked with stones and molotovs against the 2nd police station. Cops used excessive tear gas, but the people spread in many smaller groups and attacked the police through near by streets, clashes lasted for hours, with no arrests nor injured demonstrators. Many ultras of the local football team OFI, and "ordinary" people took part. Many demonstrators marched to the more popular neighborhoods of Kaminia and Therissos, where dozens of banks were broken, while residents cheered or informed on the police moves. During the night undercover cops were allover the city.

Patras: Demonstration of more than 1.000, mostly students, confront with police attacks. Left wing students leave in a bloc, while others, mostly anarchists attack against banks. Few people held, one arrested.

Corfu: Demonstration with an anarchist bloc of more than 100 and in the end a left one of some 100 persons, during the demo attack at the police station with eggs, oranges, paints and stones. The police chief comes out trying to calm down the people, but received dozens of eggs and returns inside. In the small rebel town of Lefkimmi, known for the residents struggle against the open dump construction that has already one woman murdered because of MAT violence, there was a march to the open dump works, always protected by MAT. MAT were warned to leave, but they attacked the residents, leading to many hours of street clashes and barricades. After the march in Corfu center, police hunted demonstrators to the universities. There, the demonstrators found a dozen students from KKE and PASOK youths locked inside, and not leaving them enter. When the demonstrators tried to get in, the KKE youths threw bottles against them.

Ioannina: Demonstration from the workers center to the police station with more than 1000 persons. Police attacks with excessive tear gas, and anarchists break down more than 15 banks on their way. Street battles with the police around the city hall. Police attack with bang light grenades and send three demonstrators to the hospital, among them a teacher at the local university and a left syndicalist.

Mytilini: March of 200, breaking down banks, surveillance cameras, the customs office, and the minsitry of Aegean. Greek flags were taken off government buildings and the central square, and were set on fire.

Ithaki: A group burns the greek flag and part of a local school.

Larissa: During the pupils march, undercover cops hold few pupils to the police station were they beat them and let them go.

Pyrgos: A group of ten persons burnt down with molotovs the courthouse of Pyrgos, chanting anarchist slogans and slogans in memory of Alexis. 4 police cars arrived but the people had dispersed.

Karditsa: March around the city center.

Kavala: A group of 20 smashed a police station glass window and hurled molotov cocktails inside, causing major damages to the building. Cops went out throwing loads of tear gas, leading to cancel the mayor's open concert in the city center. Undercover cops and MAT allover Kavala.

Ksanthi: March with more than 100 persons in the city center.

Volos: During a march the cops attacked the breaking it into two blocs, one of the blocs moved to the workers center, attacking the courthouse, a government office, a supermarket and more than 16 banks. In the workers center they threw out the local mayor and some priests that were there for a meeting. The other bloc attacked banks, a municipal police car, and the police headquarters.

Serres: Around 40 anarchists gather to the city center chanting slogans and distributing info material to passerbyers, and then march to the police center but get blocked by the cops that have belted the building.

Sparti: Anarchists occupy the technical university and set up an info point outside.

Arta: Local anarchists and autonomous organize a demo where many immigrants and locals attend.

Kozani: Anarchist demo of more than 80 sieged the police station, kicked journalists out of the demo, built barrickades and blockaded the streets around the police station.

Naxos: Demonstration and march through the town.

Monday 8/12:

Athens: All schools and most universities shut down across the country, in a government's effort to prevent people from gathering and assemblying, though pupils march in most greek cities and town to the local police stations, same in Athens neighborhoods. Early in the morning, pupils blockade and occupy Kifissias avenue and other streets for hours. Thousands of pupils march towards police headquarters. 3 of them lie half naked on the stairs in a theatrical symbolism. Many leave flowers in the entrance. Pupils communicate with text messages info about the demos, over thousands of mobile phones. Another 3.000 pupils blockade the police center of Exarchia without attacking it. The cops lock themselves inside. Pupils from Marussi blockade a nearby metro station. In Galatsi, hundreds of pupils attack the police station with oranges, eggs, and small objects. More than 1.000 pupils from Vrilissia blockade their local police station for the morning. Pupils from Grava attacked with stones and garbages the police stations of Patissia and Galatsi. Another 400 attack with stones and paints the police station of Metamorfosi. In Egalo, 500 pupils blockade central avenues and march to the police station where they attack with stones and paints, damaging the entrance and two police cars. During another pupils march, streets were blockaded and many attacked the house of education minister Stylianidis, a ND office, and the police station of Erythrea. Fascists and right-wing residents cancel an open gathering in Agios PAnteleimonas, protesting increased criminality asking for strichter control on immigrants, from fear of being attacked. In Petroupoli KKE pupils manage to lead the pupils march and avoid the police station. Around noon, thousands gather outside the parliament, throwing stones, pieces of marble, and other object to MAT (anti-riot police unit). More than 15.000 at the central demo. Flamming barricades around the parliament. Pupil marches attacked Kifissias police station and traffick police headquarters. Pupils clash with MAT at Neos Kosmos center. Clashes around the parliament and Syntagma square, cops attack and arrest 2 pupils. All schools and Universities shut down, after a decision of the minister of education. More than 200 arsons against cars and buildings. 14 banks, 47 commercial stores, 20 cars, 49 political party and government offices, and dozens of garbage bins on fire. Anarchists clash with policemen around the polytechnic school for hours with stones, sticks and molotovs after police arrested three persons there. Computer stores on Sturnari street on fire. 3people injured. Every bank around Omonoia square is destroyed. Attacks against the ministries of Economy, Inner affairs, and Foreign Affairs. A building on Omonoia square is wrecked. Zara and other clothes stores, banks, an office of the ministry of Economy on Amalias and V. Olgas, "Athens Plaza" and "Grande Bretagne" hotel lobbies, and a private educational support center on fire. The mayor's christmas tree is set on fire. A shop selling gans is broken down, and guns (mostly relics, swords, knives) expropriated. Some stores are looted. A group attacks banks at Peristeri. More than 90 arrests and 190 temporarily arrested, most of them beaten severely by the cops. Photos of cops shooting real bullets against demonstrators. Antiracist and left organizations call at a demo in the afternoon. The mayor's christmas tree on fire. On Syggrou avenue, demonstrators hunt down two police vans. Attack against most banks, the police station and the city hall of Menidi. There are many breaking stores and looting stuff. Unknown persons looted the offices of Suburban railways at Ano Liosia. Unknown persons set fire to a residential building on Syggrou avenue. Fire outside the national library, put off quickly by the fire brigade. A group sets fire to ND offices at Nea Smyrni. A group stops a fire brigade vehicle, ask the driver to leave, expropriate tools and torch it. Another group attacks the ministry of foreign affairs office at Kolonaki, and as they leave, they break many luxurious cars parked on this upper-class neighborhood. Students organize general assemblies and occupy many universities, while in some such as Pantios, members of KKE ("communist" party) youth lock themselves inside the universities setting fake occupations, to prevent any assembly, and call for seperate "safeguarded" demonstrations. Voula's police station on fire, with many police cars outside as well. Schoolmates of Alexis march at Neo Psyhiko. Explosion wrecks National Bank at Ilioupoli. Anti-terrorist unit deployed in Exarchia. Second cop's defense lawyer resigns the case. Teachers of polytechnic school support the mobilizations. During the night some groups expropriated food from a large supermarket truck, and when two MAT brigades came were attacked with stones and molotovs. Dozens of policemen injured during the clashes.

Piraeus: Pupils siege the police headquarters, wrecking police cars and motorbikes, throwing stones and garbage against the building. On their way back demonstrators break two banks and a luxurious shop, three cars and turn many trash bins to barricades. Later on a group wrecks ND offices at Paleo Faliro. Clashes around Piraues. Pupils attack with stones and some with molotovs another two police stations. Another police station, the city hall and the ministry of maritime also attacked. A group attacks the police's car yard destroying all cars parked there. Another undercover police car is burnt while parked on a central street. Residents and pupils destroy the mayor's pavement-blockades, built to prevent illegal parking, but proved to be dangerous for passerbyers and drivers. In Glyfada, pupils break down the police station and blockade the large sea-side avenue. In Korydallos, pupils attacked the cops outside the police station with garbage and stones.

Thessaloniki: Early in the morning, students occupy the Lawyers Association building, to run it as an information center. Almost every school has its own demo. Large pupil march in the city center gets attacked by the MAT outside Aristotelous police station. More demonstrations in the city center, by left wing and students. Clashes with policemen, around the universities, and palais de sport. Pupils kick the police out of Navarinou square with stones and barricades. Pupils break down luxurious shops glass windows, street signs, street lights, cardphones.A car is set on fire near the universities. Buses change routes, in order not to pass close to the universities. An antiauthoritarian organization reports their infoshop was broken, and MAT cops seen looting things off a broken store. Youth invaded the architect school library, and teachers offices expropriating material. During a march in the city center, every bank and many stores on Egnatia street were wrecked. Greek flags burnt. A group of 40-50 persons attacked the police station of Ano Toumba with molotovs causing excessive damages. During the night, Saranda Ekklisies ND offices are burnt to the ground. Also attacks against the ministry of macedonia and thrace and the city hall of Agios Pavlos with molotovs and gas canisters were reported.

Patras: Anarchists occupy the central university building (Parartima) to run an info-point. During the night, anarchists occupied the local Super B TV station, transmitting counter-information on the murder and the mobilizations.

Heraklion: Pupils boycot schools and gather at the central square. More than 2.000 march through the city center, when a police brigade is sent to block the prefecture's entrance. In the cops' sight, pupils wear scarfs and hoods, break pavements and attack the cops with stones. Cops retreat. A police van and a government car were turned upside down in front of the prefecture building. During the night, major clashes after a large march. Many immigrants, hooligans, Roma people, and poor people from Heraklion neighborhoods participate. Most banks in the city center burnt. Cops attack with rubber bullets. One demonstrator injured.

Chania: Huge demo of 3000 in Chania, many pupils. Police attacked outside the police headquarters injuring two demonstrators. Street clashes followed for two hours. Banks broken down or burnt, a car and several garbage bins turned to flaming barricades, the prefecture building caught fire, ANEK smashed again, OTE telecommunications office and store looted. Some of the gathered arrange an open assembly. Occupation at the local technical university by students.

Larissa: Demo at the city center after an anarchist open gathering. More than 1.500 march to the police station. During the march most local banks are smashed or burnt, same with the city hall, courthouse, and the military courthouse.

Rhodes: More than 500 pupils occupied their schools and marched against the police station, where clashes with the cops erupted. Similar marches in most islands. During the night, clashes allover the city center, youth break down banks, street lights, street signs, and more or less every state property found on the streets.

Nafplio: Spontaneous 100 pupils march, passes out of schools getting stronger in numbers while more and more pupils join, more than 400 attack the police station with paints and stones. KKE youth distribute flyers, also a pupils autonomous group. Similar march in nearby Argos.

Chios: 600 pupils march to the police station throwing lemons and stones, while members of KKE youth get between pupils and cops to protect the cops and calm things down. During the night 7 banks are broken down, and street clashes with barricades across the city center.

Egio: 500 pupils attack the local police station with eggs, stones and red paint, causing excessive damages.

Veria: Anarchists broke down the police headquarters.

Gythio: All pupils of a technical high-school leave from school for the day.

Kavala: 200 Pupils and anarchists march against the police station, police attacked and clashes erupted. 4 banks and 3 undercover police cars destroyed.

Agrinio: During the pupil march of a few hundreds, every bank in the city center is broken down. Also a cosmOTE telecommunication store, the local tax collector's office, the city hall were attacked. LAOS right wing party offices were wrecked. The central square was blockaded for the whole night.

Aliveri: Pupils attack with paints and stones against the police station.

Lamia: Pupils demo with minor street clashes with the cops.

Kozani: Hundreds of pupils in the streets, attack the police station with stones and small objects. Smaller march in nearby Ptolemaida. During the night, after a march of 250, breaking banks, clashes erupted outside the police headquarters among cops and demonstrators, lasting for 4 hours. 18 arrested (12 boys, 6 girls), 2 cops injured.

Florina: A hundred demonstrators, mainly students and pupils with strong anarchist presence marched in the city center, some people cheered and waved while a few others called them "anti-Greeks", and one even tried to run over them with his car but was repelled.

Edessa: More than 80 pupils march to the police station, many residents cheer when they hear the slogans, pupils attack the police station with lemons, oranges and eggs, and kick the guard out of his box.

Ithaki: After an open assembly in a local hischool, pupils march to the police station.

Giannitsa: Dozens of pupils marched to the police station throwing garbage and eggs to the cops and the building.

Syros: Spontaneous pupil march, throws vegetables and garbage to the cops outside the police station.

Alexandroupoli: 100 persons, mostly pupils, blockade the police station for hours.

Halkidiki: In Polygyros, Moudania, and other towns, pupils blockade police stations and organize demos.

Chania: 1.000 pupils march to the police station. Students occupy the technical university.

Ierapetra: In eastern Crete, pupils marched against the police station attacking with vegetables and garbage, and broke down police cars and motorbikes.

Kastoria: 200 Pupil march under a large banner having written "Goodbye Friend" with an (A) circled and a squat symbol (N) attacking the police station, and destroying two cars and a motorbike. Local fascists tried to attack the kids, but pupils together with students from the occupied university repelled them. One pupil that had his face uncovered is prosecuted. During the night, hooded youth attack the municipal police offices and cars outside.

Korinthos: More than 1.500 people respond to the call of the local antiauthoritarian initiative, and march to the police station clashing with cops. The mayor comes out trying to calm things down, and when he clearly is unable to do so, he and his thugs verbally attack pupils. Many demonstrators throw him out of the demo. Then large groups of demonstrators break down banks, while some local shop-owners argued with them.

Kyparissia: Pupils march and blockade the police station.

Pyrgos: A group attacks with 15 molotovs the local tax collectors office and the unemployment office.

Corfu: Hundred march in Kerkyra (Corfu) town where many banks are vandalised, and the police station is under attack mostly by pupils and anarchists. Pupils blockade Sarokos Square and attack the cops for hours. Clashes with cops with no arrestees. Pupils march in Corfu attack the police headquarters and security police offices with stones and eggs.

Xanthi: March with more than 500 persons after a students assembly, attacks the police station with stones and a molotov, cops respond with tear gas. Some bank ATM's and surveillance cameras get sabotaged. Students plan to occupy the local polytechnic university to turn it into an info-point, but members of KKE youth lock themselves in and announce the university will be "occupied" for three days, by them. Occupation of the city hall.

Kilkis: Pupils march and blockade at the police station.

Trikala: Pupils march, vandalism against banks and government buildings and minor clashes with the cops.

Serres: After an anarchist demo of 120, demonstrators attack the police station with garbages and vegetables, and also smash banks, ATMs and surveillance cameras.

Tripoli: Pupils march attacks the police station with stones and other small objects.

Mytilini: Anarchist bloc of a larger demo attacks the police station with stones and paints and cops repel them with tear gas. Leftists clash with cops to take back an arrested demonstrator, and succeed.

Kalamata: Spontaneous demo of 70 anarchists and leftists to the police station and the courthouse.

Moudros: In Limnos island, the local police station was blockaded by a pupils demo.

Tuesday 9/12:

Athens: During Alexis burial ceremony, few cops appear in the cemetery provoking people. Some of the thousands gathered, repell them and then MAT brigades attack the people, shouting "Where is Alexis now?", and making a gesture of a pistol with their hands. After residents calls, mass-media show cops shooting real bullets with their pistols against demonstrators at Nea Smyrni, after 4 hours of street clashes. KKE officialy denounces SYRIZA for "petting" the rioters. Demonstrators see a group of hooded "rioters" getting on a police van and leaving. People from ASOEE occupation repel succesfully the MAT with stones and bottles. More than 1.000 participate in the clashes there. Thousands of prisoners across all 22 of Greece's prisons boycot prison meals for the day, to honour the dead boy. Some of them hold a large banner on Korydallos prison cells towards the road. Meanwhile youth, mostly pupils andteachers siege the parliament, many stones are thrown to the building, police uses excessive tear gas. Street battles at Paleo Faliro and Nea smyrni with stones and molotovs against the policemen. Policemen use warning fire. Pupil marches attack to police stations of Nea Filadelfia, Petroupoli, Halkidona and Nea Makri with stones and other objects. Large student marches and clashes in the city center. Looting in central Athens. Fascists and cops hunting immigrants on Victorias square during looting of Germanos megastore. A girl and an immigrant stabbed by the fascists. Dozens of demonstrators arrested. Unknown number of people siege Zefyri police station. Some try to drive a flaming car to the entrance. Two cops facially injured from fire of a hunting gun. Turist agency on fire on Marni street. Fascists beat down an immigrant looting a store on September the 3rd street. Pupils attack Agias Paraskevis police stations and cause extensive damages. A group of anarchists break down banks in Brahami. Attack against Zografou police station and police cars outside. During the afternoon, around 40 comrades from ASOEE occupated iniversity expropriate supermarkets on Patission avenue and distribute stuff to people, Mostly immigrants. A group breaks down every bank on Agiou Dimitriou street at Brahami. Cops in plain clothes hunt down immigrants around ASOEE occupated university. Some stores in the city center broken and looted, mostly by immigrants. There is a report some of the "politicos" even hit immigrants to stop them from looting shops. Youth clash with policemen around polytechnic school. Excessive tear gas use.There is a rumour police runs out of tear gas. More than a hundred arrests, greek citizens, immigrants, many pupils. During the night cops siege ASOEE occupation. From the larger city to the smallest town, undercover policemen speak to shop-owners and warn them of groups of "hooded" anarchists riding buses to their town to cause troubles, and ask them to be prepared, spreading fear and confusion.

Thessaloniki: Antiauthoritarians clash with cops outside the occupied Theatre school in the city center. Excessive tear gas use. Clashes among youth (mostly football ultras) and cops outside the universities, where anarchists have occupied two buildings. During the night MAT, undercover policemen and groups of neo-nazis belt the universities. MAT throw loads of tear gas inside.

Patras: Police break the demonstration of 1.000 residents. Demonstrators see cops with plain clothes breaking glass windows of small shops. During the night cops in plain clothes and dozens of fascists attack the demonstrators shouting nazi slogans. Some neonazi hunt down isolated demonstrators and immigrants. The mass-media speak of residents and shop-keepers mobilizing against rioters. A dozen held for the night.

Heraklion: Dozens of undercover policemen in the streets. 5 persons arrested by cops in plain clothes, while in some cases passerbyers argued with the cops. Fascists and cops in plain clothes wander in the streets.

Ioannina: Around 2.000 persons march attacked by the police with excessive tear gas use and break into two. One of the blocs returns to the city center and attacks banks and the other fights with the police untill it gets repelled to the student halls where the police attacks with excessive tear gas inside the halls.

Veria: Pupils demo belted by the cops, but some attacks against banks and government offices were realised.

Trikala: 300 youth, mostly pupils, clash with policemen in the city center. Street blockades with bins on fire. Some cars damaged around the football stadium. Police arrested many, that were released later. During the night a group burnt a National bank with molotovs.

Volos: Large demo of more than 5.000, many students. Attacks against a supermarket, the city hall, a government building, the mayor himself was kicked out of the workers center, and the police headquarters and a municipal police. Police attacked outside the police headquarters but were repelled with stones, one MAT cop fell out, and another 3-4 had their shields broken and retreated. Excessive tear gas. SYN leadership tried to lead the march from less "provocative" streets to sabotage the clashes.

Ksanthi: March of 400 in the city center, demonstrators occupy for a few minutes the municipal radio station to transmit information, police attack the people gathered outside and street battles erupt.

Ikaria: Pupils and teachers gather at Agios Kirikos in a peaceful protest.

Rhodes: Pupil march clash attacked by policeman, after policemen laughting and provoking the pupils when they reached the police station. 5 pupils arrested. Pupils take over the central square and clashes erupt across the city. Many banks and a local journalist's car damaged. Several police cars damaged. 8 cops injured. Few pupils held, and one arrested after a small quantity of cannabis was found(?) on him. Meanwhile two local cops got caught with 300 g cannabis each.

Nafpaktos: Pupils blockade the police station.

Larissa: In the morning, there is a solidarity demo outside the courthouse for the arrestees of the previous days. After the march, there are some clashes among shop-owners and people breaking and looting shops. Police arrested unknown number of persons accused for looting, mostly Roma people (gypsies).

Karditsa: Pupils attack the Prefecture and the Courthouse of the town, police arrest 3 pupils.

Larissa: Demonstrators burnt down chrismas ship of Tahydromiou street. Clashes among shop-owners and demonstrators are reported in the mass-media, after a call by the shop-owners president to defend their properties. One girl beaten by neonazi groups assisting the police and a few actually shop-owners against the demonstrators. During the local riots, while most banks and government building were attacked, only three shop glass-windows were damaged.

Alexandroupoli: Demonstrations of 500, mostly pupils and teachers, some of them attack the police station with eggs, tomatos, stones and small objects.

Veria: Early in the morning the group "Punks with Conscience" attack a municipal police patrol car, in front of the police offices, according to the claim sent to directactiongr.blogspot.com, it was "A minimum part to the generalized insurrection of anarchist and wild youth across the greek area, after the murder of 16 year old Alexandros by the pigs of the police. We are at war. All the state's servants will be finding us one step ahead, armed with hatred, setting fire to their quiet nights untill the total destruction of this rotten world".

Serres: After a demo of 300, when pupils threw eggs and fireworks to the police station, most of them occupied the city hall, until Alexis funeral.

Ioannina: MAT siege the students halls, with 100 students inside.

Mytilini: A demo of 300 was attacked by the police before reaching the police station with excessive tear gas. KKE bloc left, while the rest tried to approach again, clashing with the cops for hours.

Leros: Pupils blockaded the central street of this small island town, and threw fireworks, during a march outside the police station.

Mytilini: Large demo of anarchists, pupils, teachers, parents, SYRIZA and KKE. KKE leaves the demo before reaching to the police station, where pupils attacked with oranges and eggs. Anarchists and others broke down the facade with stones and sticks. Police attacked with excessive tear gas, and clashes erupted. A girl threw one tear gas canister back inside the police station. People from SYRIZA took off the hood of a young boy participating in the clashes, while they managed to release another boy held by the cops during the clashes.

Rhodes: Pupils sit-down protest outside the police station.

Livadia: Pupils march, attack with eggs and garbage to the police station. Similar march in nearby Thiva.

Corfu: 20 pupils arrested and beaten in the streets by the cops, after hundreds of pupils attacked the police station with stones and molotovs.

Volos: Huge demo, during which banks are burnt down and hundreds attack the police station.

Kalamata: During the pupils' demo, teachers try to kick anarchist demonstrators out, but pupils select to march with the anarchists instead, throwing red paints to the police station.

Arta: 200 persons demonstrate, some throw eggs and paints against banks and government buildings.

Lixouri: Attack against the police station by unknown persons.

Demonstrations and minor actions around most Greek cities and towns.

Wednesday 10/12:

Athens: GSEE and ADEDY, the main national trade unions cancell their general strike demonstration arranged many days before, after the prime minister asked them to, in order to avoid any violent outcome. People gather anyway, and spontaneous marches begin. Clashes with the police across central Athens. Police ciolenve, many injured and taken to hospitals. On Tritis Septemvriou street, neonazis gather around the MAT and cheer them. One of them tries to hit an arrested demonstrator, but passerbyers prevent him. MAT hit passerby people that were watching them, or trying to help the arrestees. Fascists on a motorbike hit a boy with sticks. Most banks in the city center with damages. Petroupoli police station attacked with stones and fire by pupils march. A building caughts fire on Patission avenue. At the evening, a peaceful sit-down protest takes place in front of the parliament. Later on, police asks all journalists to leave the area around the polytechnic university, to operate freely. Open assembly in occupied Law school. Clashes with cops in plain clothes and MAT around Exarchia. Fascists assist the cops. In total damages are said to be more than 50.000.000 euros. The two murderer-cops are in pre-trial imprisonment, while the killer doesn't not show any regret and accuses the murdered boy of "deviant behavior" because of hanging out in Exarchia. Clashes around polytechnic school. Photo of fascist with knife threatening demonstrators circulates in international media.

Thessaloniki: Early in the morning, groups burn down a bank, a ND office and a car agency. Hundreds of cops in plain clothes, mixed with the demonstrators, perform arrests. During the march, members of KKE take off the hood of a demonstrator and beat him. Luxurious shops, banks and street lights-signs destroyed. An immigrant and a school kid arrested, while passerbyers argue with the cops. Cops in plain clothes seen outside schools.

Mytilini: Demo at Sapfous square, with more than 700 people, many students leading the march, heading again to the police station. Attacks with stones eggs and paints to the cops and the police station. A pupil arrested during clashes, but people managed to take him back after street blockades and clashes with the police for an hour. Many undercover cops deployed in the streets later.

Komotini: Early in the morning, a group attacks with molotovs the Prefecture of eastern Macedonia and Thrace building.

Kilkis: Pupils march to the police center and many throw pens, rubbers, notebooks and garbage. Some threw stones, but the majority argued with them and they stopped. Demo of 70 to the police station, where some threw stones and small objects.

Halkida: Marchof 500 to the police station, organized by antiauthoritarians and others. The mother of a boy murdered by the cops five years ago for not stopping to a red street light spoke to the people.

Kavala: The city hall is occupied and turned into an info-point. Cops in plain clothes "run like athletes" after a group attacks them with stones and molotovs and hide inside the police station. A nearby bank is burnt with molotovs. Cops attacked with tear gas. Then, during a large demo outside the police station, cops attacked with excessive tear gas and violence.

Xanthi: Loads of cops in plain clothes inside the universities. Large march, mostly students, one journalist beaten by cops.

Kilkis: After the police's rumours that anarchists will come there to riot, most shop-keepers locked themselves in, while others removed valuable stuff. The funny thing is that some 60 persons went to the central square waiting for the anarchists to join them.

Nafplio: Large demo, mostly pupils, blocked by the MAT, and many pupils attacked the cops with garbages and small objects.

Santorini: Demo outside the police station, where pupils threw garbage.

Drama: Pupils march, garbage against the police station.

Larissa: 28 arrestees prosecuted under the "anti"terror law. Occupation at the medical school and open popular assembly. Fascists attacks against a girl from the demos and some immigrants.

Samos: Pupils march to the police station, minor clashes erupted.

Syros: In Ermoupolis, large march of more than 700, mostly pupils and workers, blockading the police station.

Serres: Demo to the police station where some throw stones. Party members videotape anarchists participating in the demo.

Agrinio: In a demo called by the trade unions, an anarchist bloc was formed, where most of the pupils participated. Attack to the police station with stones and minor clashes with the cops using tear gas.

Mytilini: Anarchists and students groups organize a separate march than that of the trade unions and KKE. They moved through the city's workers neighborhoods, distributing texts and info.

Corfu: Occupation at the local universities and march to the city center.

Ptolemaida: Pupils march to the police station, where they attack with stones, tomatos, eggs and garbage, causing damages. 5 kids and 2 adults arrested during the street clashes. The kids were set free after torture and beating inside the police station, while the adults are prosecuted.

Heraklion: Occupation of the prefecture and open free concert in the central square, by the students unions.

Chania: Large march with students and pupils. Banks, OTE telecommunications building and the courthouse under attack. After the demo, the local prefecture is occupied after an initiative of a left students union.

Rhodes: Pupils occupy many schools and march to the state security police to protest last days arrests.

Kozani: 38 arrestees tortured at the police station. 5 accused with felonies.

Kalamata: GSEE-ADEDY trade unions and left organizations call a demo with strong anarchist presence, and mainly pupils participating. Before the police station the bureaocrats of GSEE-ADEDY leave.

Thursday 11/12

Athens: Exarchia Neighborhood Initiative Committe calls at an open assembly. Police attacks the demonstrations around Syntagma square with load of tear gas and violence. Occupation at the city hall of Agios Dimitrios to hold an open popular assembly. Residents and municipal workers participate and support the occupation. Cops in plain clothes everywhere in the area. Clashes in many neighborhoods around Athens. KKE youth lock themselves inside universities, to sabotage real occupations and assemblies. Some pupil marches join in front of Ilioupoli police station and attack it. Then other pupils blockade it with a sit down protest. Clashes aroung the police station with many police cars damaged. Pupils marches attack simultaneously more than 10 police stations around Athens. Pupils blockade the streets in front of Ilioupoli police station and in front of the military Pentagon building. Student march at Propilaia. A group attacks with molotovs the ministry of press. Undercover cop spotted inside a students general assembly and run away. Pupils clash with cops at Korydallos. Dozens of students marches, some of them aggresive, other more peacefull, meeting and joining or pupils changing march across most neighborhoods and Athens center. More than 100 persons gather outside Korydallos prison where the murderer cop is said to be transfered. Police attacks with tear gas and cops in plain clothes beat kids. More than 500 pupils, anarchists and others gather to fight the police. Residents defend the youth, liberate one arrestee and repel the police after hours of street battles and flaming barricades on Gr. Lambraki avenue. General students assemblies in most universities, deciding either to shut down or occupy their schools. Rumours that the cop was former member of "Golden Dawn" neonazi organization. By the afternoon, more than 25 police stations were sieged. Police demands new tear gas, since they have spent more than 5.000 canisters the last few days. Media announce the murder was due to a ricochet. New attack at Petroupolis police station by a lare group of pupils. "A cop was injured by a rock in his head but it doesn't count. It must have been a ricochet". 3 cops in plain clothes sent to hospital. March of the workers in mental clinics for juveniles. Neighborhood march of the occupied city hall at Agios Dimitrios. Fine arts school of Athens under occupation and street blockade in front. Afternoon march in Athens with strong blocks, when clashes erupt, many cops run away or hide behind police vans. Demonstrators beat them or even spit on them. Special police units (EKAM) appear in Athens streets. Sit down protest outside the murderer cop's lawyer's office (A. Kougias, a notoriout media darling). A group burns down the lawyers office. More than 120 schools occupied by their pupils. In the night a bike ride "wishes to contribute to the chaos".

Piraeus: Students kick the KKE youth out of the locked university and shut it down. Pupil marches in Alimos, Kallithea, Glyfada and minor clashes with the MAT and vandalism at the police stations takes place.

Thessaloniki: Anarchist demo from the city center to the eastern neighborhoods, starting with 700 demonstrators belted by the MAT, but people joined the demo through the neighborhoods and repelled the cops. In the end more than 3.000 participated. Some broke down offices of ND and LA.O.S. a right wing party with many fascist members. A group of 80 persons wrecked "Makedonia" newspaper offices and print house. Occupations at some universities. Students union march and many kids join.

Patras: More than 5.000 march through the city center. People from balconies cheering and waving.

Heraklion: 11 of the arrestees charged with misdemeanours. Students occupy all the local university schools.

Chania: Large peaceful demo in the city center.

Ioannina: Three separate marches, one of the KKE (as pupils coordination), one of the students unions and one of anarchists and autonomous groups. Cops nowhere, but the marches remain peaceful. A couple of surveillance cameras sabotaged, a greek and a E.U. flag on fire.

Volos: Occupations at the universities. The march to the police station was attacked by the cops.

Komotini: Groups of fascists, ruling party yoth and security guards together with cops in plain clothes attack the occupied university and the demonstrators inside, while brigades of MAT stand still outside the universities, belting them. Students come from Xanthi to help but the mayor orders the MAT to prevent them from approaching. The students inside the university come to compromise with the police that lets them go but only in a mood of terrorism and intimidation.

Kozani: Gathering outside the courthouse, in solidarity with the arrestees.

Syros: Occupation at the local university by students unions.

Kavala: Demonstration in the city center. Simultaneously a rebel group breaks down banks in another side of the city. Students general assembly in the universities.

Komotini: Police agents organize local fascist groups and shop-owners against demonstrators.

Larissa: During the march and with the cover of local residents, groups attack to most banks in the city center and the courthouse. Long after the march cops in plain clothes arrest 19 teenagers, prosecuted under the antiterror law.

Veria: Large students and residents march.

Demonstrations and minor actions around most Greek cities.

Friday 12/12:

Athens: Early in the morning Flash FM radio is occupied to transmit information, but they cut the signal. Occupation at a government building (KEP) in Halandri turned into an info-point. Occupation at the old city hall of Halandri and open neighborhood assembly. Open popular assembly at the liberated city hall of Agios Dimitrios, decides the continuation of the occupation until the release of all arrestees, and the organization of a muppet show, a neighborhood demonstration and a new open assembly. Pupils organize a massive march in Athens center, attacked by the police and clashes erupt. In Ilioupoli, an undercover police car with unregistered signs runs over pupils injuring them, fortunately the kids are ok. Sit-down protest outside the parliament. General assemblies and occupations around the country's universities. Cops attack the law school occupation in Athens, but are repelled and during the street battles many cops catch fire and some are injured.

Volos: Arrests and prosecutions. Solidarity protest outside the courthouse.

Ioannina: Occupation at the city hall, by a group of 30-40 persons. Pupils march in the city center.

more info soon!

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Many months later... I just thought I'd say that I'm an English guy living in Exarchia (for the last 3 years), with no particular political affiliation, and I can confirm that this is an accurate account of the events of December 2008. Bravo!