Event in Egaleo with an invited fascist LA.O.S. party representative sabotaged (Athens, 30/11/2008)

A translation from the blog of Egaleo Anarchists Initiative:

Press release: Athens 01 December 2008
Yesterday, Sunday 30-11-2008, in a scheduled event of the municipality of Egaleo where the following would speak of the Youth's problems: Katerina Papakosta (New Democracy), Mariliza Ksenogiannakopoulou (PASOK), Fotis Kouvelis (SYRIZA), Adonis-Spyridon Georgiadis (LAOS) and while the event had just started, with the presence of members of the municipal council, the event was violently interrupted, because fifteen (15) self-proclaimed anarchists and under the threat of violence against the persons present, they demanded the expulsion of the parliament member Adonis-Spyridon Georgiadis. The collegues of Adonis-Spyridon Georgiadis present there, denied to compromise to this fascist demand, leading to the event being cancelled. The parliament member Adonis-Spyridon Georgiadis denounces this fascist violence coming from groups of self-titled anarchists preventing an elected Greek parliament member from expressing his views inside his electoral prefecture.
-The parliament member Adonis-Spyridon Georgiadis.

"Democracy stepped with words and fascism with bombs..."
-Asimakis Panselinos, EDA (the old united democratic left) parliament member on the spanish civil war.

The history of the last century is full of incidents where the fascists used democracy as a cover for their attack against individual and social liberties. Racism, national ideals, warmongerism, intolerance, hatred towards women, ancestor worship, and every racial bloody pathology is expressed equally under a physical as well as under an institutional aggression by the natural agents of these mentalities.
In this case too, we have the appeal to liberties that this certain humanoid negates by his own mentality to social estate. History, though, doesn't allow us to be so naives as Georgiadis would want us to be. Whoever tries to limitate individual and social liberties will receive what is accordingly to him. Any hand trying to raise against us and every dispossessed of this world will be cut to the root. If any of the "left" name democracy the dialogue with their real of wannabe torturers then we have a problem with democracy and with their leftism too. In Egaleo, a town built by immigrants, it would be a dangerous naivity to legalize a dialogue with agents of racist and fascist insults. Insults against the meaning of freedom, against the historic state of our town, against our proletarian consciousness, against the region's immigrants... So, the little fascist can leave aside his pseudo-democratic sensitivities, his deafening lies (for their collegues backing him up, for the inexistant hooded perpetrators, the broken glass windows and violence against persons present) and the hillarious labels ("Self-titled" anarchists). If he appeals to the truth, he could throw his awful mask and speak his toady language. Then it will be understood by all, that we were more than generous with him...

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