Diavata prison manager beaten up during speach in law school (Thessaloniki, 4/12/2008)

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Either pig or man, there is nothing in the middle. Not glamouring the human entity in comparison to others, but since for us life and freedom constitute values beyond any compromise, as well as the human entity and dignity should be up to certain characteristics.
In the name of freedom, today Thursday 4th of December we beat up the manager of Diavata prisons during a correctionary speach realised in law school of Aristotle university of Thessaloniki. The kicks and punches this "gentle man", mr Tsourelis received is a minimum of what is appropriate for him and any other of his pathetic kind, nothing more than minions of authority, imprisoning the enemies of a sick and fake prosperity, murdering freedom. With this action, we expressed a minimum of our desire not to let any of these people wander around us all neat and comfortable, they should take that into account. No mercy for the enemies of freedom. Hands off everyone of us. Solidarity to the everyday struggles of the captives of their democracy. Freedom for all!

Nothing is missed, neither the world, nor the breathe,
as long as there is hatred, there will be life.

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