Arson against Piraeus bank in Evosmos (Thessaloniki, 3/12/2008)

A translation of the claim published at

The State will always find a way to acquit as innocent its own kids, as it will in a few days the cops of the "jerdiniere" case (note: When during last years November 17 marches, cops in plain clothes beat up a cypriot student walking by them, and blame its "fall" on a near by jardiniere, even though they were clearly caught in camera). Some of them will be acquitted with a transfer to Kilkis... and some others with a deduction of a couple paychecks. The jury to be done serves only bureaucratic and propaganda reasons. We don't expect anything from an authoritarian justice having as main role to hide the state's crimes. On the occasion of the jury we decided to do a minimum action attacking one of the basic symbols of state and capitalism.


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