Surveillance camera sabotaged at PAMAK university (Thessaloniki

A text from PAMAK's Autonomous Intervention at (translation)

Down with the Cameras from PAMAK

Recently, the state and authority's attemp to terrorize society and impose a state of surveillance and control is obvious, through this measure called "Cameras". These cameras are nothing more than a renewed (and digital) version of the junta's snitches. The university deans, acting in perfect cooperation with the state have undertaken these terrorist weapons. In Makedonia University (pamak) there was a surveillance camera set on the closed gym, targeting a large area on Egnatias street. Unfortunately for us, its place wasn't very destruction-friendly as it was really high. But, the passion for FREEDOM is much larger than any height of the gym, thus as Autonomous Intervention of PAMAK, being totally opposed to the measures of surveillance-repression-terrorism, we moved into destroying this specific camera-snitch. This action was another move against the terror-law serving the cops-state-authority-deans. Because the other half of an action might be to claim it.

Down with cameras.

Bring them down from anywhere they stand.

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