Torture professionals repelled and ruling party's youth seminar sabotaged (Athens, 26/11/2008)

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It's time for modern torturers to taste their own medicine. Thursday morning, through that generalised mood of political fiesta and imposal of a carreer life style, the ruling party youth constructing future politicians and bosses (DAP) realised a seminar on the proper imposal of grown ups psychology on children going to school. Of course these reactionary studies on character building (based on a totalitarian context of homogeneity and social comformity) need their relevant expression to be presented as necessary and desired: The fascist Tzani and the torturer Papadatos... The first one with a constant presence in television and public nationalist delirium of diverse issues leading her even to support the murderer nazi Plevris (even in his recent jury. note: concerning his books calling for anti-semite violence). The second one doesn't choose to act under the lights of publicity but rather in the dark dungeons of state security. As in the hospital where Savvas Xiros was multi-injured, in a vulnerable condition (with reduced eye sight and a damaged body), he took that notorious testimony with the diverse chemistries Xiros was treated with, but also the necessary to obtain a testimony after the administration of that medical serum, physical and psychological torture.
Of course people forget, the torture scanal was forgotten and now democracy decided to honour those that honour her with pain and blood (of others). This gentleman cashed the tortures with his social ascension and a fine little job, becoming the president of nursery school. But now, let's come to the action. The anarchist word cannot be cut off the equivalent action. If not fully, there has to be some relativity among word and action. Yoghurts and eggs are certainly actions irrelevant to any such hypothesis. So we, a group of comrades, selected to intervene with different characteristics from these of others. Not in a context of antagonism (to prove who is the more revolutionary or other bullshit) but in an effort to materialize what would be our stance towards every torturer and minion of the dominant interests. If we attempt a public criticism to our own action, a fault we could spot is that this torturer managed to survive. Especially after his phrase concerning the treatment of the November 17 case and the methods used against them "We did everything to find out the truth". So it comes to you with your (dominant) truth, and us with the struggles.

Anarchists against the longevity of exploitation and snitching

ps. to all those spreading crap concerning the expropriation of a pc and a projector and also that 200 of poor little stident girls were beaten and terrorized... As far as the first is concerned, we politically account that a pc and any other means is much more useful to a movement's action rather than in the possession or property of reactionary seminars by the elite of reactionary practics and mentalities expression. As for the second, it is obviously sexist (the poor little student girls, being so weak and disabled) and since it is far from the truth it is plain mud, as the beating of the fascist-paganist teacher that unfortunatelly is not truth).

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