Alpha Bank set on fire (Athens, 11/11/2007)


Unidentified persons set the Alpha Bank subsidiary at Theatrou Square on fire, a little after midnight. They broke the glass window and threw both gas canisters and molotov cocktails inside the bank, that resulted to a serious fire, that was put away by the fire brigade a little later, before seriously damaging the other floors of the building as well.

In a communique sent to "Eleftherotipia" news paper the action is claimed for the "Empristikes Sinidisis" (Arsonist Spirits) mentioning:

"Our attack was not simply an act of juxtaposition against the centers that manage the Economy. The ashes we left behind us will soon vanish into thin air leaving their place to new offices, darling employees, stable bank rates and anxious consumers"..."Our attack did n't target just the mess-up with the normal money circulation, but to immediately attack those who tolerate and consent. To all these that sign contracts of obedience, that choose to stand waiting in a bank line faithfully repeating the advertising paradigms, reproducing such strong good-civilian feelings"..."At last, it was an attack of active solidarity and a message for what is about to follow, dedicated to Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis, who expropriated the "Ethiki" Bank at Gizi, denying to come to terms with the legality of this world."

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