Total destruction at a high-school in Pagrati (Athens, 23/11/2007)

Source (greek only):

A concept of total destruction appeared Friday morning at the 7th high-school of Pagrati, after a month of school occupation by students. Media blame "non-greek non-students and a small minority of school's students". Vandals have destroyed everything inside the school: Computers, school archives since 1930, laboratories, teachers' offices, libraries, they also damaged walls and doors and heating systems, and even burnt greek flags and spray painted slogans on the walls mocking the official students' demands.

The previous day, one 18 year old boy was arrested for preventing students and teachers from entering the school, and is going to face a jury.

The president of the greek state, mr Papoulias states he was shocked and will visit the school himself. The school principal says damages are up to 1.000.000 euros, and 17 persons prosecuted (14 students, one 18 y.o., and two immigrants) will have to pay(!).

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