High School in Lemessos vandalised (Cyprus, 12/11/2007)

Source (greek only): http://www.politis-news.com/cgibin/hweb?-A=753613&-V=articles&-p

According to the cypriot newspaper "Politis" unknown vandals visited the Aghios Antonios High School in Lemessos, probably after 3:00, Saturday morning, when the guard leaves, something they are though to be aware of. They broke the glass windows of four classrooms and messed up everything inside them, trashing school's property. Before they left the school they spray painted slogans on the walls. Damages are expected to cost more than 2.000 cypriot pounds.

The news paper notes that the president of the Schools commitee of Lemessos mr. Nikos Kavkalias, suggested that more fences, increased lighting and alarm systems should be adopted, but pointed out that the cost would then be larger than what the damages cost at the present. City schools spended more than 100.000 cypriot pounds last year to cover up yearly damages. Repair works will be forced to reach an end before students come back to the school after the weekend.

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