Gas canister attack against "Elliniki" Bank in Larnaka (Cyprus, 12/11/2007)

Source (greek only):

According to the cypriot newspaper "Politis" police has already prosecuted two suspects 33-34 years old, and estimates they previously attempted to steal money from the bank's ATM, and after failing to do so, they set it on fire using 5 gas canister and seting fire on some papers, resulting to the explosion. Police are investigating CCTV recordings and local witnesses.

According to a communique sent to Politis newspaper (greek only): , a group called Group of Skaliotiki Resistance "Zenon" claims responsibility for the arson attack. They state that they "attacked the subsidiary of Elliniki Bank to do their part in shaking the apparently peaceful society of Cyprus. Only apparently though, because even when passivity that makes it all easier for the state to perform its plannings, becomes familiar to the people there will always be resistance that tears apart the equally apparent only omnipotence of capitalism, p.e. the violent clashes at Lympia last May at the city dump. We don't believe it needs further explanation, burning up a bank that being the main symbol of capitalism remains the greatest enemy for the oppressed. From the cut-throat loans with their excessive rates to the auctions of attached properties, the constant wealth accumulation at the hands of capitalists is achieved due equally to the banks as to the institution of wage labour.
We could n't stand unconcerned anymore against this brutal exploration and did a matter of course for every opressed.

P.S. We salut the fighters' attack in Nicosia against banks and EDEK's offices that motivated us for our own taking part in the struggle for social and personal liberation.

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