November 17 remembrance (Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion)

Sources (greek only):

Athens: According to news posted at, diverse attacks happened during the customary marches of remembrance to November 1973 events (the rebellion against the military junta - occupation of the polytechnic school and the armed invasion of the police and the army to the school that caused dozens of fatalities and many arrestees torture). Stones and paints were thrown to the Court Council of the State, bank subsidiares, ATMs got damaged, and a WIND shop had its window glasses broken. Clashes between protestors and undercover policemen and between protestors and PASOK (ex-ruling party) youth members also happened. (During last year's November 17 march, PASOK youth members had paid some hooligans to beat left wing and anarchist protestors, so as to defend their bloc from any possible threat). More than 20.000 people participated in the marches in Athens, while the state mobilised more than 8.000 policemen.

Thessaloniki: At 4:20 in the morning a group placed gas canister bombs at two police cars, one van, and at the glass windows of an office of the municipal police at Evosmos district. A communique appeared at, claiming the action for a "minor group of mostly mentally disordered persons, with a loose persersion to unlawfull actions, ruining public and private properties" (This is in fact a term used by V. Floridis, a public prosecutor announcing that the police will be authorised to perform arrests inside the universities, to characterize any non-peaceful demonstrators). The group claims it was an act of solidarity to -emprisoned waiting for trial- Marios Tsourapas and Chrissostomos Kontorevithakis, and states its solidarity to anarchist Christina Tonidou (also in prison waiting for trial), and demands "freedom to all captivated prisoners of democracy"

Later on, during the ordinary flowers for the monument of November 17 in the universities, a group of students called "Autonomous Formations" left a broken CCTV camera the found inside the universities. Their communique in greek can be found at they mention that "our time is not for flowers", "but the society people were dreaming of back in 1973 remains still a dream", as well as "against the state's and capital's omnipotence, we stand for radical thought and direct action".

During the march, the Post office on Ethnikis Amynis Str. was broken. Some protestors also attacked the Lefkou Pyrgou Police Departement (At Aristotelous Square) with sticks and stones. For more information:

Heraklion, Crete: Attacks with stones, bottles and paints were made against bank subsidiaries and security cameras, during the march.

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