Actions during the strike (Athens, 5-6/3/2008)

As a response to the planned degradation of the pension system, the strike of the PPC workers set 19 power plants out of order, causing local black-outs in several districts of the country, while mobilizations and sit-down strikes (covered by the OTOE syndicate) paralysed the stock market and many banks for hours. The management in both cases, takes the legal way to set the strikes "illegal and abusive". Dock warkers already left their jobs for a day, causing a halt to cargo operations. More people are willing to support the strike, like students, prefecture workers and garbage storage workers who won't go to work for the weekend, while the city council of Athens is planning on employing "emergency stuff" for the strike!

Some reports (in greek) from:

Clashes erupted on 5/4 outside Maksimou mansion, where the government's committee for the pension system had a conference, when the police repelled the 1000 protesters with batons and tear gas, while they tried to break the police lines.
On 6/4 PPC linemen clashed with the cops outside the "Evelpidon" courthouse, during the decision of whether their strike would be declared as "illegal and abusive".

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