Protesters cancel cement-industry sponsored event (Volos, 4/3/2008)


More than 400 people gathered outside the municipal theater of Volos, protesting atmospheric pollution, holding banners and pickets, and chanting slogans against AGET, and invaded the theater.

After one and a half hour of minor clashes, the manager of the industry announced that the event is canceled. State and city official who were supposed to be awarded, didn't appear even near the theater.

Is should be noted that the city of Volos suffers from AGET's polluting the atmosphere, while no measures are adopted for the protection of the environment.

A "Residents' Initiative" calling for the protest, characterizes AGET industry as shameful, honoring local rulers for the Mediterranean Games, they managed to hold, in a city, so full of dust and fume, rulers that have been allowing for years AGET to pollute however they want to, while receiving their sponsorships for their vain plans (Mediterranean Games, "Argo") and share a common aim: Cement it all! They also mention the city halls hypocrisy, planting little trees, near natural trees and bushes uprooted by the bulldozers, concluding in the fact we have nothing good to expect from those people, so let in our turn "honor" AGET and all those that bribe us with their poisons, and all those that mock us, with our constant struggle for clean air, and our rage for their hypocrisy.

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