Residents prevent antenna installation (Sparti, 1/3/2008)

More photos and a report in greek at:

Teachers, pupils, residents and local anarchists/antiathoritarians/autonomous and social ecologists raised their voice against the "illegal" installation of a mobile phones antenna near the 3rd public school of Sparti, on a nearby appartment block's roof, programmed for 1/2/2008. Since then, residents had taken legal measures against the installation and even the mayor of Sparti was obliged to prevent the setting of the antenna, but no action was undertaken untill this demonstration.
Antiauthoritarians participated in the demo chanting slogans and throwing leaflets and distributing a communique against mobile phone antennas, with a briefing on the residents of Sparti organizing against the antennas and forming an action committe, and also mentioning other cities' residents initiatives and spots in Sparti where there are antennas installed and to the health and social effects of antennas.

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