Bank arson and anonymous communique(Athens, 1/1/2008)

Source (greek only):

"The first fact reported to the police for 2008 was an arson attack 20 minutes after midnight at the subsidiary of Geniki Bank at 75 Kipselis street in Athens. Unidentified persons planted an incendiary device breaking the glass entrance door."

Anonymous group claimed responsibility via e-mail to

"The attack at Geniki Bank on 1/1/2008 was in solidarity to emprisoned fighters.

The same time that in the city centre "celebrations" are organised to welcome the new year we, by striking, mean to prove that the flame of negation won't cease to burn nor even this new year, against any repressive plan.

Freedom to Chr. Kontorevithakis and M. Tsourapas."

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a translation of this post from:

1ви јануари, Атина

Извор (само на грчки јазик):

“Прв чин пријавен на полицијата во 2008 беше напад на банка, 20 минути по полноќ филијала на Геники банка на улица Кипселис 75 во Атина. Неидентификувани лица подметнале запалива направа, кршејќи го стаклото на влезната врата”