Lab-rats liberated from technical institute (Thessaloniki, 16/1/2007)

A report on this action can be found at where there are also more photos and a short video, as well as a text in greek, translated here:

"On January 15th, in the Thessaloniki TEI (technical institute) was programmed a practical experiment on animals alive in front of the students. This hideous action would be realised if some people from Thessaloniki was n't mobilized. Around twenty persons visited the TEI and took not only one, as it was to expected, but four animals (lab rats). Later on the four lab rats were set free in the nature were they should be from the very begining.

We know that these specific animals will not survive for a long time in the nature, since they were born in a lab. Though, we believe it is better for them to die in the nature than in a lab or a cage."

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