Explosion in Postal Savings Bank and communique (Thessaloniki, 29/1/2008)

According to reports (in greek only) there was an explosion in a subsidiary of the greek postal savings bank in Tsimiski street, in the center of Thessaloniki, were unknown persons set a gas canister incendiary device.

A communique was sent at directactiongr@yahoo.gr:

"The dead men standing two steps close to us, rest in an explosion/
as in the postal savings bank in Tsimiski last night/
blood-soaked with a gun in their arms/
but those alive have such huge heads full of shit/
and their arms full of grime and grease contracting bank loans/
and leaving one after another without any sun, for the black sky.

Dedicated to the anonymous robber, found dead outside the p.s. bank in Attiki Square, Athens, after a death-contract made for him by shop-owners and cops.

-Foundation "Gilles Bonnot"-"

Some directactiongr notes:

a) There is an older action and communique from the same group at http://directactiongr.blogspot.com/2007/10/attacks-against-bank-and-rulling-party.html

b) A week ago, two people tried to rob a p.s. bank in Athens, but a shop-owner noticed their intentions and when they got inside the bank, he removed the keys from their motorbike. When they tried to leave, a police guard out-of-duty at the time, that was in the bank for some business of his, followed them and shot one of them dead, according to the cops, he first asked them to drop their weapons (from reports in media, for example: http://www.phantis.com/news/?newsID=2008012180431)

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