Arson against ministry of development offices (Athens, 21/4/2008)

A translation of the parts of a communique sent to "Eleftherotipia" newspaper and published on 25/04/2008, not mentioning any group's name:

"Kavala, Almyros at Volos, Mantoudi at Evia, Astakos at Etoloakarnania, Elefsina: Residents mobilizations are realised against the plans of building new power plants using coal. Public Power Company (PPC) in cooperation with national or international partners promotes its investment plans, within the country as well as in the Balkans, responding to the system's increasing needs for power consumption, something that signifies the constant amplification of economy and the wider subordination of our existance to it."

"When capitalism is self-declared environment friendly, it is only to measure and manage the symptoms of the crisis it produced itself."

"We don't share any environmentalist compasion. It is impossible to fit within any green slogans that belittle any perspective of rupture in their partiality. The concern raised by the environmental destruction is disarmed through the participation of active citizens in ironic programms of beach cleaning or the ridiculous consumers preferance for "eco-friendly" enterprises."

"The impacts of the use of coal are only a part of the symptoms of the development this world promises: climate change, species extinction, desertations, forest destruction. This is why, the way we talk and act against everything that turns our lives to a total disaster, aims at the constant subversion of the capitalist structures, the total overthrow of the authoritarian relationships."

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