Attacks against companies (Athens, 28/3/2008)

The following text is a translation of a communique sent anonymously to and also published at

According to the media, a little after 1 in the night, incendiary devices damaged 4 OTE cars, 2 supermarket vehicles and the car of the security guard.

Early at the morning of Friday 28/3, we attacked the Dexim branch at Agioi Anargiroi, Sklavenitis (supermarket) on Panormou and OTE (telecommunications) at Agia Paraskevi, companies that profit from the exploitation of the prisoners basic needs for survival (clothing, food, communication). All those engaged in the function of the prisons have made themselves a target. We couldn't speak against the prisons without attacking the companies that cooperate with them. Imprisonment is a form of repression but also a field of economic interest. Behind the walls and the iron bars, prison as an enterprise of human stock-polling, is also a center of mass-consumption. In democracy, the ideology of repression goes beyond murdering, torturing and punishing to making a profit out of it. That's why the prisoners are expected to be treated as production units. They have to work and consume so that the prison economy functions well. The economic agreements between big businessmen and the ministry of justice turn us to a more total critic of the world of prisons, towards the perspective of their total destruction.

These actions are dedicated to the memory of Haris Temperekidis, who was murdered by the gunfires of EKAM policemen, hunted in the mountains of Korinthia, after a bank robbery, the days of February '.99

Note: Haris Temperekidis was a long-term prisoner of the penal code, as he exercised the art of bank robbing. He has been active in prisoner struggles and resistance. Of a distinct and affectionate rebel conscience.

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