Riot policemen under attack (Athens, 23-24/4/2008)

2 Attacks with stones and molotov cocktails against riot police squads were realised near PASOK (ex-ruling party) offices, on Trikoupi street, Exarchia district, after 3 in the night. There were also some reports about another couple of attacks the previous days. A related text found at

"We let them take every street and every neighborhood with their vans and their patrols (terrorism). We even let our resistance weaken.

Certain comrades today around 3:45 kept the anti-greek customs in a high level. They roasted their pork a little before the Lord leaves us for other exotic places
(translator's note: This time of year, the greek orthodox church celebrates the easter).

Smash the cops who in the pretext of guarding PASOK's offices try to intimidate our every moment, our every step inside (or around) the metropolis. One of those cops caught a pretty good flame and his luck is unknown since then.

Cocktails for the riot police, keep the tradition alive."

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