Students elections sabotaged (Athens Thessaloniki, 9/4/2008)

A text on Thessaloniki actions from

"Last night during the counting of the votes at the theology faculty (Aristotle University) a small group of anarchists attacked with stones and bottles the hall where the counting take place. This attack was symbolic, demonstrating our opposition to the totality of the "elections circus" set every year inside the universities. No one was injured by the attack, because our aim was simply to disturb the normal flaw of this tragic and miserable vote counting."


(certain anarchists)

From an update in this site's guestbook on the Athens action, it comes that during the vote counting in ASOEE economic university, eggs where thrown at the ballot-box, the fuse from the power table was taken away, delaying the procedure. Also, plenty professor's offices seem to have been vandalized.

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