Arsonists hit car agencies plus communique (Athens, 23/4/2008)

From "Naftemporiki" newspaper: Gas canister arson attacks realised at three car agencies on Thivon avenue, Galatsi and Halandri districts, around 2:00 in the night. Serious damages caused to at least seven vehicles.

Responsibility claim via e-mail to

Early in the morning of Wednesday April 23, we hit car agencies at Halandri, Galatsi and Peristeri districts. We also claim responsibility for the arson against a diplomatic corps vehicle at K. Halandri. We select to take it to the attack, striking state and capitalist targets, shattering the diffused patterns of law and order in the metropolis, dynamiting social apathy. To are comrades Marios and Chrissostomos that are our partners in methods of incendiary and revolutionary violence and face a jury on July 11th, sending them our comradely regards. Attack everywhere and always, you 'll keep find us ahead of you.



Notes: Marios and Chrissostomos are M. Tsourapas and Chr. Kontorevithakis, the two arrestees for attempting to burn up a municipality police car in P. Faliro.

Another claim from "Groups of night-time sabotage" was made regarding an arson series in Thessaloniki (30/5/2007) against a eurobank subsidiary, an OTE telecommunications office and a serbian foreign mission car, in solidarity to "Giannis Dimitrakis, Vassilis Stergiou, Nikos Kountardas and all prisoners in struggle"
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