Arsonist hit the house of an ex junta leader (Athens, 15/4/2008)


According to "Eleftherotipia" newspaper:

An attack at the house of the military junta leader Stylianos Pattakos at Patissia, by the organization "Revolutionary Brigade (Epanastatiki Taksiarhia") was hiden by the police. An unknown person phone called the newspaper stating that there was an attack with gas canisters, a while after Tuesday midnight. He mentioned: "We have hitted at Ano Patissia, the house of the coup d'etat perpetrator Stylianos Pattakos. His place is in a prison with Ioannidis and Dertilis. This impunity reminds us of Pinochet's impunity. Long live internationalism and communism in the Balkans. Honor and glory to the heroes Koumis, Kanellopoulou, Petroulas and Kassimis. The attacks will continue".
Revolutionary Brigade has realised another 9 attacks, the past 3 years, among them, one against the juridical prisons of Korydallos and against "public services" in Kolonos and Peristeri. The device used in its last action was too simple, despite the previous ones. The two gas canisters left on the staircase of the two-floor mansion of Pattakos caused minor damages, according to the police that only acknowledged the fact after the claim.

Notes: Iakovos Koumis was a 26 year old cypriot law stydent, murdered by the riot police, beaten to death on 16/9/1980, when a demonstration for the remembrance of the 1973 insurrection against the military dictatorship tried to break the police line outside the USA embassy. Stamatina Kanellopoulou was a worker murdered the same time, outside "Grande Bretagne" hotel in Athens, during the riot police attacks. She was 21 years old. Sotiris Petroulas was murdered by the police back in 1964 (21 July) after a demonstration. Christos Kassimis was an urban guerilla, murdered by undercover policemen, during his group ("Internationalist Solidarity") tried to set some bombs at an AEG german interests factory in Athens, right after the murder of the RAF militants in the prison of Stamheim (October 1977).

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