Arsonists hit car agencies (Athens, 17/4/2008)

This is a text published in "Eleftherotipia" newspaper, republished (in greek) at

"We set on fire two car agencies as a sign of solidarity"

"In solidarity to Vaggelis Botzatzis and the three fugitive comrades, that chose to run away rather than turn themselves in to the prison guards" was, according to a phone call at "Eleftherotipia" the arson attack realised at 2:45 early in the morning of Thursday, at a Peugeot car agency, in Galatsi, and another one in Nea Halkidona, Athens, on April, 2.

Responsibility for the arsons was claimed by the "Commando Mihalis Kaltezas" and the unknown persons that phonecalled mentioned: "We stand in solidarity to every offensive movement that suggests the total destruction of state and capital. We attack the sovereignity symbols to abstract certain eyesights from their normality. We overcome every means of legality and loyalism. Means that are in any case alien to us". "We remind you that we will keep on being internal enemy of this state", he added.

[Note: Mihalis Kaltezas was a 15 year old anarchist murdered by a policeman named Athanasios Melistas, on November 17th, 1985, during the 1967 insurrection remembering day, shot in the back of his head. As a response, rebels occupied the Chemistry faculty and rioted Athens for several days. The armed guerrila group "November 17" bombed a riot police bus, executing one officer and injuring 14 others. The murderer Melistas was finally found innocent, having a well known lawyer named Al. Lykourezos. This decision lead to the occupation of the polytechnic school and several demonstrations and street battles among youth and policemen.]

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