Arsonists hit ATM of ethniki bank at Cyprus (Nicosia, 17/8/2008)

From an article in "simerini" (

"They burnt with gas canisters a cash machine"
"investigations towards anarchist methods"

"Nightwalkers don't care for holidays and vacations. Yesterday dawn unknown persons set on fire the ATM of an ethniki bank subsidiary, on Makarios Avenue, in Nicosia."..."After persistant investigations comes that the fire was caused by an intentuous act. Everything points out that the law-breakers used smalls gas canisters. From the fire, the ATM was totally destroyed, despite the firemen efforts, that finally managed to put out the fire."...Local cops look for "clue-evidence that will lead them to the activists. During the previous day, policemen connected the method of this action of the nightwalkers to the actions commited by anarchists against EDEK offices on Vyronos avenue, Nicosia, last September. By that time, anarchists using gas canisters targeted the house of the ("socialist") movement, holding an office of PASOK (greek "socialist" opposition party) in the face of the greek parliamentary elections of 16/9/2007". The investigators don't connect the two cases, but only the way they were carried out." Investigations continue, damages are not estimated yet.

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