Incendiary attack against Public Power Company building and communique (Athens, 9/8/2008)

A translation of the communique sent via e-mail:

On August 9, we attacked against the branch of PPC at Peristeri. We won't go into the well-worn arguements on the selection of such a target. Whoever has a conscience realises that the mere existence of the state institutions is at least hostile towards any rebel dignity.

We won't wat for some politic anomaly or any situation depressing for society to act in violence. Besides, from the moment it (society) stands every kind of humiliations and contributes itself in it, like sheep walking to the butchery, there's nothing left but its destruction.

The constant revolutionary liveliness, doesn't limitate itself within winter periods, years or moments forbidding action. So let certain some know that the war declared is not some kind of winter sport. We set the moments, the time, we shape the conditions, throwing the dice of Nihilism eradicating the established "values" of this rotten world, celebrating their inversion. Some are do-ers to the point of satisfying their desires, likewise we initially act too, aiming though to the satisfaction of the target we have ourselves set, keeping and honouring the values of our conscience.

We "work" with rage under the services of Revolution with a special inclination to overtime work creating foci of war. It's time we change the belief that "things don't change no matter what we do" with courage to "we are gonna do no matter what to change things". Nihilism is ante portas, marvelling the monumental rapacity of certain buzzards that graciously play and in the same time hate, and as they play and hate... they tear apart.

It is not the "social deprive" nor some "normal degeneration" that vomits Nihilism from the guts of conscience, on the opposite, it is our will to power, and our passion for the individual revolution of our "being"...





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