Right wing party offices vandalised (Larissa, 7/8/2008)

Communique published at http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=900952:

Today, August 7 2008 we claim responsibility for the attack against the offices of the fascist party "LAOS". This action was realised in a period when the nationalist attacks against comrade fighters and immigrants have raised, and Karatzafuhrer's (note: Karatzaferis is the party's leader name) party offers them cover through the tv and every means.
During February 2 anti-gathering against the rascist group of Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avgi) and when the fascists attacked with knives against demonstrators, Tileasti (note: a nation-wide tv channel owned by Karatzaferis) spoke of defendors of the "motherland" (Golden Dawn) against hooded troublemakers (antiauthoritarians and left wing solidarians).
In this way they are also guilty for the actions of fascist organizations against homosexuals (Athens Pride), immigrants and libertarian spaces. Because LAOS has set itself against homosexuals, since they "pose a threat" to the values of family and church. They are constantly against immigrants that everyday spit blood to survive in this brutal reality of the capitalist world, asking for deportations like Berluskoni or Sarkozi. Beyond all these, they are accomplices in the attacks against squats and libertarian spaces. When thugs with knives attack brutally (Villa Amalias, Prapopoulou Squat, Antipnia infoshop etc) they just blaim the anarchist-antiauthoritarian milieu as provokators of the "New Order" and the USA. They haven't publicly condemned none of the racist attacks, while they cultivate this same rascism into their youth, and cover every police attack against immigrants and students.
The fascist action isn't ofcourse just what we described above, we experience it every day, and it would take books to analyse it. As a symbolic action we attacked with eggs, for a begining of the antifascist and libertarian struggle in Larissa.
The struggle for a society based in libertarian communism and autonomy, is a struggle against every enemy of the freedom. We stand in solidarity to all the workers beyond nations and ideologies, that face the repression of state and para-state bastards.

Libertarian Fighters

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