Claim for the recent arson attacks in Cuprys (Nicosia, 29/8/2008)

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here is a translation of the claim:

On 1/8 at the police attorney offices and on 16/8 at the subsidiary of Ethniki bank on Makarios avenue we realised incendiary attacks.
With this double strike we bring front the antistatist action.
On this recent strike: The target is located in a central point of the city, just a few meters away from Lykavitos police station with constant police patrols, intense light and modern surveillance means. None of those, could break our desicion to attack and nor they will in the future.
The system of repression and control, is an inseperable part of the state mechanism as well as a symbol of capitalism and will always be targets of our attacks.

SOLIDARITY to Vaggelis Botzatzis who is in pre-trial emprisonment, accused for incendiary attacks against statist-capitalist targets and to the 3 fugitives under the same case.

SOLIDARITY to all imprisoned revolutionaries.

Group DKF 125

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