Actions during the students demonstration (Athens, 29/5/2008)

During the march against the new law on universities, a WIND telecommunications shop had its glass window broken as well as a few surveillance cameras. A greek flag was also set on fire. According to a report in this blog's guestbook, during the march some people invaded a "Bershka" clothes shop and expropriated clothes throwing them to the demonstrators. After the march, around 30-40 persons, broke the DAP-NDFK (ruling party's student youth) offices in Law School. Photos and a report in greek at
The people from DAP-NDFK run to their 5th floor office and locked themselves in. This attack was a reply to yesterday's presence of DAP members together with club bouncers and neo-nazis in the university of Piraeus.

On their return to Exarchia area, a money transfer vehicle was also attacked but managed to leave.

The same night, two security guards of Aristotle university of Thessaloniki were beaten by around 30 persons after a students party.

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