Fencing bars around the polytechnic school dismantled (Athens, 17/5/2008)

Photos: http://athens.indymedia.org/

According to a report from athens.indymedia.org:

After 12 in the morning, people from the polytechnic school self-managed infoshop leftists, students and others, gathered around Zografou gate and destroyed all the extra fencing bars placed by the dean to prevent people from entering the university late at night and during weekends. An other door was also taken, so people wan't bother to jump over fences to enter the university when it closes. Later on, some threw the bars at the door of the dean hall and at the dean's office.

While this action took place, three undercover policemen gathered outside the gates, but left when they became noticed. A riot police brigade was set outside the nearby police station of Zografou, and a person was taking photos of the people gathered from a nearby building, but left when people approached the building.

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