Clashes and sabotage of university rectors elections (Athens, Thessaloniki 28/5/2008)

From reports in the guestbook, e-mails and

In the university of Piraeus, students, mainly leftists, managed to destroy 6 ballot boxes of the rectors elections according to the new "Frame"-law on universities, 4 of them were fake! They were then stopped by around 70 members of DAP-NDFK (the ruling party's student youth) in co-operation with some night-club bouncers, and also personalities as Kostas Katsafados, a member of the ruling party's prefecture council for Piraeus, armed with chains, sticks, knives, paralyser and peper sprays, that lead at least 5 students to the local hospital. Later on though, the DAP-NDFK group was attacked by around 20 anarchists-antiauthoritarians with stones and a few molotov cocktails and repelled, while a greek flag was set on fire.

In the aristotle university of Thessaloniki now, more than 200 students interrupted the congress of the rectors, and demanded to be given the transcripts, while the dean Anastassios Manthos pretended he lost his senses, and was carried to the nearby AHEPA hospital. As a reply, the university's professors started a lock-out. PASOK and KKE ("socialist" and "communist" party respectively) dennounced the events, while former education minister M. Giannakou stated "they were intended against the poorest citizens interests".

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