Appelate Court's expansion works sabotaged with fire (Athens, 22/5/2008)

This is a translation of a claim sent to

In the dawn of Thursday, MAy 22, we invaded the construction site of the appelate court on Loukareos street and moved into burning up three machinery-vehicles, sabotaging the construction of the new court buildings. With this invasion we dismantled the prestige of the enemy, striking in one of the most formidable occupied spots of the city. Our action is wilful, to set the justice itself on fire. Its nature, its ideology, its institutions.

It isn't just the arrogance and vengefulness of the judges, the desolation and anger in the faces of the accused, the agony to find the money, the fear of facing prison. They are all part of this, that's for sure. Justice lies in the core of democracy. It defends with a decisive violence, directly all interests of this world. It has conscience of its role, its meaning today. It is clothed with all the democratic alibis. The rules of courts, the high-court's opinions, the laws, do not simply safeguard the regime. They are unceasing attacks with the aim to control and manage, to subordinate every moment of our lives. The 10.000 prisoners [note: the number of the greek state's prisoners], the cameras that got legalized, the strikers summoned, the asylum broken, indicate them. These are not mistakes, we don't talk about a few judges that don't do their job well. We talk of the modern martial courts that safeguard the dominant order. We speak of judges that distribute 50 years in prison, every day, and then watch watch Lazopoulos on their TVs [note: a greek populist comedian commenting on the system's faults]. And all of these, under the wrapper of independance and unselfishness. In order to shut up the questions, to blur critics, to enforce as truth, inside everyone's conscience this truth that is revealed in the threats and guilty silences.

That's because justice, apart from a mechanism of subordonation, is a tool to rearrange the social relations. Discipline, a sense of fairness, fear, are fundamental principles of integration of prohibitions on the totality of the social body. The civilization of lawfull and outlaw, of fair and injust, of good and evil, is a civilization that mutilates social relations. Is a civilization of dependency from a vengeful justice system. Its values end up to systematize justice to a machinery of individuals supervising each other. Insecurity, snitching and fear for the other, constitute behaviours of the perfection of the modern pattern of social organization. This system is n't applied only inside the court houses but also in every expression of our everyday life.

The new courthouse halls, the new high-sevurity prisons, the prohibitions that proliferate, pave the way for the future offensives. Against the administration of justice, we take vengeance on this world of authorities untill its total overthrow.

Comando "Christos Tsoutsouvis"

PS. Our every hit is a beat of our heart. And our heart beats fiercely close to the hearts of our captive comrades. This action is dedicated to Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis, imprisoned for robbing the ETE bank in Gizi.

Few notes: There is an older action claimed for "Comando Christos Tsoutsouvis" in Thessaloniki, 2007: "On Tuesday 15 May, 22 years after the assassination of the armed guerrilla Christos Tsoutsouvis by cops, and at 4:30 in the morning, the RairRoad station local organization of New Democracy (right-wing ruling party), was tipped with a small token of our rage (1 petrol can and 3 home gas canisters were enough to nudge them reface their offices), on the last repressive operations against the rebels of the whole country's prisons."
Christos Tsoutsouvis was an urban guerrilla, member of ELA (People's Revolutionary Struggle) and Antistate Fight. He was murdered on 15 May 1985 by undercover policemen in Gizi, Athens after a shootout, succeeding though to execute three of them.

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