Military van torched plus communique (Thessaloniki, 11/5/2008)

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Let the burnt van of the greek commandos (under UN signs) be the beginning of the attacks against the machine that is made to defend the interests of local capitalists, the machine that brutally absorbs young kids to inoculate them with the microbe of nationalism, the machine that is ready to kill in the name of national integrity. We experience occupation under any flag and continue the internationalist revolutionary action striking symbols of the capitalist society.

This is a special homage to the non compromised and revolutionary choise of the GUERILLA ARIS VELOUHIOTIS not to surrender his arms and continue with his comrades the armed struggle against the military and the police.

Even though times have changed and the ideologies of aren't able to fit in today's revolutionary movement, the struggle for the destruction of the society of the capital continues, seeking for new partners and not for followers...

If we define ourselves as another GUERILLA REVOLUTIONARY FORMATION within the many that have flourished the last decades in the greek area, then this attack apart from its obvious intentions against the social construction, may bring back memories from the wild class -civil- war 60 years earlier and, why not even hopes for a new confrontation among tomorrow's guerillas and the regular army, wich is beyond all others, the one that is going to intervene against any generalized future explosion.

The end of national consciousness, beginning of the revolutionary war...

A REVOLUTIONARY SALUTATION to the groups of cypriot arsonists that persist to set on fire banks, political party offices and sovereignity targets in a society that approaches uniformity, polluted with nationalism that flurishes on the floor of Greece's and Turkeys expansionism.

With a "communist" for a new president, and fabled class tension because of the high average income, the example of the comrades proves that fighting for liberation doesn't wait for starvation to express itself. Only for consiousness...

Cell of anti-sovereignity action "The great grand children of Aris"

Notes: For the arson attacks in Cyprus mentioned above, click here.
Aris Velouchiotis (August 27, 1905 – June 16, 1945), was a prominent leader of Ethnikos Laikos Apeleftherotikos Stratos (ELAS), the communist segment of Greek guerrilla resistance during World War II, which was followed by the Greek Civil War. He commited suicide under strange conditions, on the mountains where he continued to fight against the greek regime and its british allies, after the communist party came to terms with the regime.

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