Economic university board occupied and expropriations (Athens, 5/5/2008)

and a report at the guestbook.

After a decision of the board and the dean Prastakos os ASOEE (Economic university of Athens) the announcement tables and posters of political groups and collectives were removed early in the morning, so students of RAS-EAAK, ARENA collective and the self-managed infoshop of ASOEE, realised a protest. After a conference of the students union, the board hall was occupied by students that expropriated material (papers, tvs, telephones, fax machines), vandalised E.U. and greek state flags and spray painted slogans. As a response, Prastakos decided to block the operations of the secreteriats and the classes, and threatened to cancel the exams period, while he denied to return the tables.

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