Arsonists hit company that hires workers (Athens, 3/10/2008)

Translation of parts of a communique sent to "Eleftherotipia" newspaper (,id=21397408):

"The Enemies of Work" claimed responsibility for the arson attack late last Tuesday at the offices of Adecco temporary employment company at Halandri, Athens.

They mention: "This company acts as a keeper of workpower to rent for others. It constitutes the immediate employer of workers "on loan", wich it rents with a smaller wage than this of a stable worker, mostly without any inssurance, without a posibility to form a syndicate, under the constant threat of discharge, also known as "hiring termination"..."As long as the capitalist wonder will reveal itself at the shameless claims of the bosses, bringing on even worst working conditions, what we have to do more than ever is to negate and destroy the existance of work itself."..."We have dispersed ourselves in every point of time and space, economy decided we should never have some time off. Our relations, our chit-chat, our habits, all follow the directives of the merchandise: production-consumption-death. From the workers murders that the bosses cynically call workers accidents (the blood of the 8 dead workers at Perama shipbuilding zome wont be forgotten) to the misery of illisions for a big promotion and a fulfilling career (as the stupidity of certain employee rats trying to stop a mass expropriation of products at a super-market in Ampelokipi tends to be dangerous) only death reigns. But we select to live. Attack work means to attack each and every relation that carries the corps of mediation, exchange, division. It means to attack the chain that produces blackmail, fear, depresion. Total subversion of the existant pass within us and walks towards them. Deconstructing everything. To end forever with the case of work. Freedom to Giorgos Voutsis Vogiatzis, that on 25/9 had his pre-trial imprisonmend prolongued for the expropriation of Ethniki bank at Gizi, last October."

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