Blockade at the central macedonia prefecture building (Thessaloniki, 13/10/2008)

Initial text and more photos at

A translation of the text:

"Today 13 October 2008 durng the morning (11:00 to 13:00) there was a blockade by around 60 antiauthoritarians for a couple of hours at the building of the prefecture of central macedonia (on T. Oikonomidi street, at Kalamaria), text were handed out, slogans spray painted, while the cops' presence was discreet.

On Wednesday at 18:00 the no border assembly of Thessaloniki calls at a motorbike demo and on Thursday at 18:00 the squat Fabrika Yfanet, immigrants and refugees group, no border assembly and squat Delta call at a solidarity demo to immigrants and refugees on the occasion of the E.U. voting on the "Immigration and Asylum treaty".

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