Arsonists hit party offices and claim (Thessaloniki, 4/6/2008)

"...unknown persons hurled a molotov coctail at 1:25 in the night in the ground floor offices of New Democracy on Gamveta street, causing minor material damages. 5 minutes lated a fire erupted in PASOK offices of Ano Poli, the mechanism used isn't still identified..." (from the mass-media).

The following text is a translation of a claim sent to

During the dawn of Wednesday 4-6-08 we attacked, with the fire on our side the offices of PASOK (socialist, opposition party) local organization of Koule Kafe and the offices of ONNED (ruling party's youth organization) on Gamveta street.

It was an action of resistance to the constant and increasing attempt of authority (whatever color it may have) to subordinate and strangle every voice that eludes from the institutional boundaries, aiming to create an infinite social cemetery, where the dogmas of order, peace and security rule. As a consequence of the above predominant targets, here comes the recent jury against the 7 and mainly its verdict.

The story begins in Thessaloniki, June 2003, during the EU summit. In a city turn into a fortress, beyond the festivities of the peaceful "counter"protests, there is a part in the streets that with dignity choses to attack state and capital. Which, having as a loyal friend the mass media, as a reply, make up some guilty and put 7 persons in prison. After a wave of solidarity with them and the hunger strike of 5 of them, the 7 leave prison during November 2003. On May, 28 2008, the party of the "state's re-instaurations" comes to end the game started by the party of the "democratic citizens".

After a jury that lasted for many days, the judicial gang together with its peaceful citizen-puppets as jurors, convicts 4 comrades with 6.5, 7 and 8 years. But, since as it seems even they can't deal seriously with the silly testimonies of any cop, they chose a middle way, this of probation, in an attempt to water down drollness. In their core, these perennial convictions are clearly an attempt to keep captive these specific comrades and also to set an example for all those fighting against the commands of authority.

The only thing the democratic regime achieves with its verdicts is to fire up our rage for the destruction of this rotten world.

Solidarity to the 4 comrades.

-The Children of June-

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