Double supermarket expropriation (Athens, 13/6/2008)


"Today at 13:30 goods of basic necessity were expropriated from 2 supermarkets (Veropoulos and DIA) and handed out in the open market of M. Voda. Following is the communique distributed at Veropoulos.

Thousands of supermarkets so full of goods, why don't we just pillage them for our old age! -N. Asimos

Finally! the supermarket and corporation sharks frozen the prices of their products! Some of them were even more generous reducing their prices, in order to raise the "purchasing power" of the consumers. In simpler words: to gain more! As we can tell that no one takes into account this bullshit about a so-called price reduction, we put into action again our own "pack of measures" against costliness, expropriationg foods and basic stuff from large supermarkets.

PS. As far as it concers our covered faces, we say that: keeping in mind that society is yet unready and uneasy to listen closely and support these facts, so we think it's necessary to adopt the basic measures for our own security, against the systems of security and repression mechanisms, in order to continue live and act freely. THE ONLY MEASURE AGAINST COSTLINESS IS THE EXPROPRIATION. MASSIVE INVASION IN THE SUPERMARKETS TO TAKE BACK ALL THAT BELONG TO US.

Angry anarchists against costliness"

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