Nine arson attacks and one communique (Thessaloniki-Athens, 12/6/2008)

From a media report at:

The targets in Athens: A vehicle and the sign of HYUNDAI car agency at Neo Psychiok, Interspor (athletics branch) at Halandri, Goody's (fast-food, greek multinational corporation) at Keratsini, vast damages at Pireaus bank in Kifissia, while one and a half hour later another Hyundai vehicle was totally wrecked in front of another dealership at Patissia. In Thessaloniki, between 4:40 and 5:10 in the morning, arsonists hit: a Vodafone shop at Toumba, a Goody's at Agias Sofias (city center), another Goody's at Eptalofos, and Piraeus bank on Antigonidon street (city center).

Here is a translation of the claim sent to

On June 12 2008, we selected to strike the sponsors of the greek national squad (five targets in Athens and four in Thessaloniki).

Just as it was four years ago with the "success" of the national squad in euro, same thing now, a fair of incredible stupidity, during which thousands of clowns unite under the flag of national pride.

The tame crowds are more than willing to overlook the misery of their everyday life and turn for a few days into a mixture of phony smiles, and getting into goofy celebrations. The mass stupefaction media bombard us with thousands of advertises promoting a national sheep conscience alongside with mass consumption - the necessary parameter of every commodity fiesta. The role of multinational corporation sponsors is more than obvious, both in promoting their own merchandise as equally the national unity, creating a harmony of capitalist profiteering and implantation - revival of our hateful national identity. This is why we attacked you, we did it in the past, and we'll be doing it in the future.

Your fiesta is full of bright lights and numerous smiles, national rag-flags, torpor spectacle and diffused nonsense. Our own celebrations are during the night, when the shiny lights give their place to the thick darkness of delinquency and become the gasoline for the fire, the movement, the destruction. Because national unity is for the frightened, we shall never compromise with any state and any nation. Our only country is the Revolution, Violent and Subversive in its steps, bound to annihilate your old world.

Generously sponsored by The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

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