Unannounced sit-down strike holds back cypriot airlines (Larnaka, 15/6/2008)

According to a newspaper report at http://www.politis-news.com/cgibin/hweb?-A=800316&-V=articles&-p it seems that:

The cypriot airlines were suprised and dissatisfied due to a new unannounced sit-down strike of the alimentation employees at Larnaka airport from 8:00 to 10:00, causing several delays and problems.
The cypriot airlines announced: "This strike was totally unannounced, unjust, unauthorized, inappropriate and violates the Code of Industrial Relations", and that they are going to denounce the strike to the ministry of work...
The workers seem to have been on strike because no one informed the unions on the intentions of the company to split the alimentation group from the rest.

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