Attack against neonazi organiser's house (Korinthos, 16/6/2008)

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The dawn of June 16, and on the occasion of the participation of G. Palaiologos in the events of February 2, when members of extreme right wing groups with the contribution of the state and the paid bandogs of the riot-police attacked with knives and other murderous weapons against antifascist comrades in the center of Athens, we attacked with improvised incendiary devices the house of G. Palaiologos as a first response to the neo-fascist cases that appeared in the area and his active part in some of them.

G. Palaiologos during the last time, except from his part in the events of February 2, when he was recognized by comrades, has admitted his part, as a "triumph", and also takes pride for another 2 racist attacks, one in Kiato, Korinthia, and another in Velo, Korintia, where he verbally attacked immigrants siting at the village's cafe.

To bad for him and his familiars, everything gets known as many cannot keep their mouths shut!

PS. As it was expected, this actions, as well as the comrade's in Thessaloniki is carefully silenced by the authorities.

Antifascist Cells of Action, Peloponnese

A translation of the claim for the Thessaloniki action mentioned, is here.

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